Rakuten India Announces the 3rd Edition of Rakuten Product Conference 23 Spotlight on Generative AI and Future of Cloud



    Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
     Rakuten India, a key technology hub for the Rakuten Group, today announced the third edition of the Rakuten Product Conference (RPC) ’23, in partnership with Analytics India Magazine. The event will be held virtually from May 31 – June 1, 2023, under the theme “Generative AI and Future of Cloud,” and it aims to be the premier product conference for data scientists, AI evangelists and innovators worldwide.


    RPC ’23 will shine a spotlight on the pivotal role of applied artificial intelligence in addressing business challenges and real-world problems.


    Official website: https://2023.rakutenproductconference.com/


    The field of generative AI has generated significant disruption, profoundly impacting businesses across industries. The Rakuten Product Conference will host speaker sessions and panel discussions, bringing together industry leaders to explore the latest advancements in generative AI and companies’ key cloud strategies.


    Data science professionals, AI practitioners and decision-makers spearheading AI and cloud projects will join the two-day virtual conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with new ideas, network with other professionals and learn about innovative AI and cloud solutions. The conference will feature an array of sessions, panel discussions and presentations by renowned experts in the field.


    Registration for RPC ’23 is available now on the official website.


    Anirban Nandi, Head of AI Products & Analytics (Vice President) at Rakuten India commented, “We are excited to host the third edition of the Rakuten Product Conference, focusing on Generative AI and the Future of the Cloud. This conference serves as a catalyst for AI enthusiasts and industry leaders to come together, share their expertise and shape the future of technology.” 


    The lineup of speakers for the Rakuten Product Conference includes Yasufumi Hirai, Group Executive Vice President, CISO & Technology Community at Rakuten Group; Sunil Gopinath, CEO at Rakuten India; Nakane Tsutomu, Consul General of Japan in Bengaluru; Dr. Nanda Kambhatla, Sr. Director, Adobe Research, Adobe India; and Rajat Pandit, Head of Customer Engineering, Enterprise Business – India, Google, among others.


    The conference expects to attract over 2,500 attendees from around the globe.


    Highlights of the Rakuten Product Conference 2023


    • Talks by leading industry experts on generative AI and the future of cloud.
    • Opportunities to discover how businesses can transform themselves using generative AI.
    • Networking opportunities with data science professionals and researchers driving AI strategies in their organizations.
    • Insights from experts representing leading organizations on the future of the cloud and their plans.


    Recommended Participants

    The Rakuten Product Conference welcomes CIOs, CTOs, AI experts, innovation heads, data scientists, teams working on analytics & business intelligence, and anyone interested in the AI and analytics domain.


    Overview of the Rakuten Product Conference 2023

    Date: May 31 – June 1

    Time: 09:30 AM – 2:30 PM IST

    Format: Online

    Theme: Generative AI and Future of Cloud

    Official website: https://2023.rakutenproductconference.com/

    About Rakuten India

    Rakuten India serves as a key technology hub for Rakuten Group, Inc., leveraging expertise in multiple technology streams such as mobile and web development, AI/ML, web analytics, platform development, backend engineering and data science. With dedicated centers of excellence for mobile application development, data analytics, engineering, DevOps and information security, Rakuten India ensures the success of multiple units within the Rakuten Group. With a growing workforce of over 1,700 employees, Rakuten India is headquartered in Crimson House, Bangalore.

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