Luxury brands set to reinforce Radico’s market leadership


 Radico Khaitan Ltd, India’s largest IMFL company, today unveiled its luxury range of products in both brown and white spirit categories. ‘Magic Moments Dazzle Vodka’ the luxury brand extension of their signature brand Magic Moments Vodka and ‘Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky’ mark the onset of the festival season for Radico who have been synonymous with innovation and premium quality offerings to the Indian spirits market. These special editions have been crafted for the connoisseurs who long for sophistication, finesse and the finest experiences in their tipple.

Magic Moments Dazzle Vodka, the ultra-premium brand in Radico’s vodka portfolio, will be available in two supreme variants including Magic Moments Dazzle Gold and Magic Moments Dazzle Vanilla. The blend is produced from the finest of grains and of pure indulgence to fuel the imagination of the hip and affluent youth who are looking for richer and newer experiences. Speaking of taste, the 7-stage filtration process lends a refined, pure, distinct, and mellow taste that lingers on. And with the bold packaging in gold and silver, it will sure to cut the clutter on the shelves.

Royal Ranthambore inspired by the royal tigers of Ranthambore is a smooth whisky crafted with India’s finest malts and grains. From the unique blend to the rich notes and the packaging, the drink reflect the charisma of luxury and purity. The taste is akin to the royalty that Ranthambore possesses. The ribbed pattern on the bottle adds to the lines of luxury. The golden colour and font of the bottle is enthused by the valorous tigers of Ranthambore that symbolise royalty. The golden coloured cap of the bottle mimics a cork and lends to the exuberance of the overall packaging. With the launch of the product, the brand also rolls out the marketing campaign to reinforce the brand position of being “India’s Finest Yet”. A host of purpose-driven initiatives will be activated in the coming weeks.

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Magic Moments Dazzle and Royal Ranthambore will be available in Delhi, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Haryana in select stores in the first phase of launch.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Amar Sinha, COO, Radico Khaitan Limited “Every launch is an expression of the constant endeavour to provide our consumers with the exclusivity of experiences that are reserved for the discerning.We are delighted to announce the launch of our two most ambitious brands that we were working for the last three years. “

He also added “In pursuit to expand our product base in the whisky category, Radico is all set to offer India’s most luxurious Indian whisky by the name of Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky. We are extremely optimistic about the fact that this brand will be a game changer in this space and will undisputedly be the most phenomenal trend setter. The country is going to get its finest ever in the weeks ahead. “

On the question on the thought behind expanding the Magic Moments portfolio Mr Sinha emphasised “Vodka currently accounts for less than 5% of the domestic IMFL volumes compared to around 25- 30% globally. With the favourable demographic profile and changing consumer preferences, we believe that Vodka industry is bound to expand. Over the last five years, premium vodka space has grown at a faster pace than the overall vodka industry which is a positive sign. Within vodka, flavours are gaining momentum. More than 50% of our vodka volumes is flavours. To expand the vodka category, we are doing a number of things including new flavours, new expressions and now an ultra-premium offering by the name of Magic Moments Dazzle Vodka.

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He concluded “There have been rapid strides in the development of the premium segment of spirits in India and we are aspiring to be the category leaders in these segments with this launch of Magic Moments Dazzle and Royal Ranthambore.”