Prosthetic eye from Sudarshan Netralaya helps Rahul regain lost confidence

Sudarshan Netralaya

The happiness found after years of self-loathing and misery is evident on Rahul’s face brimming with confidence. 19-year-old Rahul Meena is happy that now the girl’s family will not refuse after seeing him and he will be able to get married. Now even his friends do not tease him. This was possible because of the recently placed prosthetic eye by Sudarshan Netralaya.

Rahul Meena of Chowki village in Kurawar Tehsil of Rajgarh district started having problem in his right eye due to an infection he caught in childhood and despite all the treatment, his vision could not be saved. Rahul, who had lost his father in childhood, had a damaged eye that became smaller in size and turned brown in color over time. Due to the lack of one eye and the unusual appearance of the face, Rahul became depressed forever and distanced himself from friends and relatives.

To bring back happiness and confidence, at the age of 17, Rahul once again started visiting all the hospitals and doctors so that his face could turn normal. After a search for two years, he came to know about the prosthetic eye treatment at Sudarshan Netralaya from a relative living in Bhopal. Here after all the tests and procedures, a prosthetic eye was made and placed with the help of experts to make it look like a real eye. The prosthetic eye was placed so perfectly that it is difficult to distinguish between Rahul’s the real one and the fake one.

Dr. Prateek Gujar, Ophthalmologist, Sudarshan Netralaya says “The loss of eyes is shocking for everyone, when a person loses his eye due to some disease or accident then his life becomes very difficult. It has a huge impact on his self-esteem and confidence. Our aim is to help people get back to their normal lives.”

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Dr. Prateek adds that prosthesis, a branch of medical science, has made great progress in the direction of solving this problem. Real-looking fake parts like eyes, nose, ears and fingers etc. are made. This method is different from plastic surgery. This unique combination of medical science and fine art uses silicone, acrylic, paints, brushes and beautiful colors.

The concept of fake eyes was less acceptable in our society earlier but now it has become completely in vogue. The eyes made of the materials used earlier looked different, but with the change in technology and materials over time, they become so alive and accurate that it is difficult to differentiate between real and fake. It was called the stone eye because of the material used earlier. It can be applied without removing the old eye