Polygon-incubated eDAO announces ‘unlabel’


Mumbai – June 28, 2022
eDAO — an organisation to design and launch global art, media and entertainment IPs at
scale into the world of Web3, has launched the first decentralised label for artists, titled
‘unlabel’. The property will launch artists, musicians and cross-genre creators,
bridging the worlds of Web2 and Web3.
At the heart of the initiative is artist-led curation and incubation. In a perpetual eight-
week-cycle, eight NFT artists will collaborate with eight artists from Web2,
demystifying NFTs and effectively orchestrating their first steps into the global
market of NFTs. At the end of the residency, the eight works of art will be auctioned
on the homepage of Rarible, one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, and a
traditional port of entry for some of the biggest NFT artists today.
The first season of the unlabel residency will be co-hosted by actor and Web3
entrepreneur, Kunal Kapoor who already has a Web3 venture in LAB (Love A Bot).
Throughout the eight-week program, eDAO will help creators from around the world
‘unlabel’ and own their work. The roster of genesis artists includes Sajid Wajid
Shaikh, Santanu Hazarika, Jayesh Sachdev, Gaurav Wakankar, Aaron Pinto,
Vishwesh Menon, Karen Frances, Lapin Mignon among others.
Mairu Gupta, COO at eDAO said, “unlabel is a vehicle for us to shine a spotlight on
creators, unbound by exploitative contracts. Through unlabel, we want to enable a
new generation of artists to plug into a global marketplace, fully own what they
create and connect with their patrons directly..”
Kunal Kapoor, co-founder of LAB, further said, “Entertainment has witnessed a
dynamic shift with the rise of Web3. The creative community is empowered with the
decentralised IP network and this partnership with eDao to bring ‘unlabel’ to life is
built on that very ethos. As a creator, I believe this is the next big thing in the future
of cinema, art, and culture thus taking creators to a global audience; one that will
define their journeys for a long time to come.”
Evgeniy Medvedev, head of partnerships at Rarible said,”Rarible has built an open
creator ecosystem, and has been home to some of the most original, influential artist
movements in the NFT space. We are happy to collaborate with eDAO’s unlabel to
help a new generation of artists take their first steps into the space.”

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eDAO’s primary focus is to act as an ‘operating system’ for culture and communities
across art, music, film, events and gaming, taking their first steps into Web3. The
eDAO team will provide a Web2-Web3 barge via investment, tech, go-to market
strategy, network support and community nurturing for NFT projects. The team will
also foster innovation and strategic development for the community by bringing in
incubators, advisors and partners, including tech giants like Polygon,