Pioneer launches it’s Hi-Res Special Edition Speakers to revolutionize the car audio industry in India


Pioneer India Electronics, a leading car infotainment brand in India, has recently launched its 2021 Hi-Res Special Edition car component speakers, the 17cm (6.5-inch) TS-VR170C, TS-V170C, and TS-J170C. These speakers—designed by Pioneer’s audio engineers in Japan and tuned to the discerning tastes of Indian consumers—were made to deliver stunningly realistic, vivid audio that reproduces all the intricate details and emotion in every piece of music. 

At Pioneer, we always aim to deliver the best car infotainment experience to our customers. These new speakers will take us beyond the boundaries of what was thought possible in terms of car audio experience and set new benchmarks in the market. Our focus is on delivering authentic high-resolution sound while being ergonomic and practical,” said Mr. Hideaki ISHII, Managing Director of Pioneer India Electronics.

According to the 2020 Audio Tech Lifestyles consumer survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting, the consumersare looking to the future and craving products with superior audio quality. At such a crucial time, the arrival of Pioneer’s new Hi-Res series seems to be pretty timely. 

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