Why Your Small Business Needs A Storage Unit

    Storage Unit
    Has your small business seen a massive uptake in sales, especially online, due to the recent events? If you’re wondering how to keep up with your new customers, now is a great time to look into finding suitable storage options so that you can expand your ability to keep stock and grow your business. Here are just a few reasons why it is worth investing in a dependable storage unit.

    Expanding Your Stock Options

    For many small businesses, the pandemic meant they had a huge rise in online sales, and this has meant that many businesses were caught out at the beginning because they didn’t hold enough stock to cover the increased orders. This was especially true for businesses that sell gardening and DIY products.

    With a safe and secure storage unit, your business will be able to hold more stock and be ready to post out as soon as a customer orders, which will increase your positive reviews and mean you have more happy customers!

    Getting Ready for Online Orders

    Online orders have swelled in the last few months, and more customers are expecting their items to be posted and delivered within a faster time frame every time.

    With more delivery companies and courier companies investing in faster turnaround options, some even doing same-day delivery, small businesses need to be able to keep up by providing the stock that is requested as soon as possible when the customer order is it.

    This is not always easy if you have a standard traditional retail store, as most of these stores don’t come with a big enough warehouse to hold stock for the store and stock for online purchases. However, if you were to seek out storage near you, this would be a problem of the past.

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    Keep Your Shopfloor Tidy

    Having a smaller warehouse at your retail unit also means that you are more at risk of having an untidy shop floor and a shop floor that could be a trip hazard for when you do welcome customers back into your store.

    By leveraging the extra space of a self-storage unit, you will be able to keep your retail storefront much tidier and may even be able to invest in a minimal design look such as you would find in the high-end tech stores like Apple.

    An ideal storefront and retail zone will make things easier to find for customers and make them feel more welcome when they are coming into your store, and with less pressure on your back of house warehouse space, you will be able to find the products that are out of stock quickly and replace them on the shelves without your customers even realizing!

    Seasonal Options

    Having a storage unit is not just a good bonus for organization either. Having an offsite storage area allows you to keep long-term stock such as seasonal items and decorations for Christmas or summer, items that would otherwise be taking up precious space inside your warehouse area in your retail store.

    This gives you as a shop owner much ability to expand your offering and may even allow you to do seasonal deals for your customers and cross over into new markets, all because you now have the space to be able to hold more stock!