No Law! No Rules! Unleash Your Dark Desires With The Prive Premiere of ‘Mayhem’ On &PrivéHD


Are you ready to survive a deadly survival thriller? Do you have what it takes to defend yourself against a raging threat? This Saturday, &PrivéHD is going to test your fear instinct with the Prive Premiere of ‘Mayhem’. A virus outbreak in a law firm leads people to unleash their darkest desires inhibiting any sense of moral integrity and causing chaos in the wake. Come Saturday, September 25th at 1PM and 9PM&PrivéHD is all set to give you chills of a frightening kind; one not to miss out on.

Just as Derek Cho’s (Steven Yen) day couldn’t get any worse, all hell breaks loose! After being fired from work, he discovers that the building of the law firm he works at is quarantined due to a virus outbreak. Victims of the disease began to show their craziest impulses and the entire office turns into chaos. Derek himself holds a personal grudge and ends up on a going on a road rage against his colleagues and senior management. Join in the action of this hilarious film by Director Joe Lynch that only gets bloodier by the minute. Also starring Samara Weaving as Melanie Cross, the two of them team us for a thrilling comic riot and battle their way to the uppermost floors to face the ultimate ‘boss’ level. Can they do the unthinkable and take the beatdown to their bosses? Come find out this Saturday only on &PrivéHD.

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