MP Assembly Asks Members to Refrain from Using ‘Unparliamentary’ Words


A day ahead of the monsoon session of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, the Speaker had released a booklet ‘Unparliamentary Words and Phrases’ asking members to refrain from using these words in the House.

On Monday, the members bickered over the status of language inside the house while outside, former protem speaker and senior BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma backed excluding some of these words from the prohibition list.

During a heated argument on an inaugural day, as Leader of Opposition Kamal Nath spoke, an agitated Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Congress party was indulging in dirty politics (ghatiya rajniti) while the Congress MLAs were shouting and protesting accusing BJP of being anti-tribal alleging that the government had scrapped the holiday on International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (August 9).

Nath had objected to Chouhan’s language while pointing out that a booklet was published on objectionable language on Sunday.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra and other BJP MLAs had also urged deletion from Speaker Girish Gautam of the several words uttered by the Congress MLAs.

After the House was adjourned after paying tributes to several departed souls, former Protem Speaker who was aggressively assaulting Congress inside the House spoke to the media saying some words needed to be deleted from the prohibition list like bantadhar and Naxalites.

BJP had coined this word bantadhar for then CM Digvijaya Singh during the 2003 Assembly polls.

During the ten-year tenure of Digvijaya Singh, the Bantadhar word was widely discussed among the public and should be restored, said Sharma. Adding that several Chhattisgarh districts are affected by Naxalism, so Naxalite word should also be restored. Sharma and some MLAs also met the Speaker on the issue.

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“The parliamentary debates should be based on strong reasoning, logic and evidence,” CM Shivraj had said during the release of the booklet on Sunday and also cited examples of some of the objectionable words like ullu ka pattha, char sau bees and chor ka bhai girahkat which are used in the House and are mentioned in the booklet.

Kamal Nath had welcomed the move to publish this booklet but had questioned what the public must be thinking on what made the Assembly publish the booklet to teach and preach MLAs.