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Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
 Mediawrkz, the specialist Publisher Monetization Solutions Division of Datawrkz – is excited to announce that it has been recognized as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). This prized certification (achieved by a limited set of Google partners) solidifies Mediawrkz’s position as a trusted, transparent partner to online publishers and showcases its proficiency across a variety of Google monetization products like Google Ad Manager. The certification reinforces Mediawrkz’s commitment to working hand-in-hand with publishers, fostering growth, and unlocking new opportunities powered by the latest technologies from Google.

The GCPP certification process is a multi-step approach that involves rigorous evaluation of Mediawrkz’s ability to deliver exceptional service, offer and maintain the highest performance standards, and consistently meet and exceed publisher expectations. The accomplishment shines a light on Mediawrkz’s commitment to empowering online publishers to maximize ad revenue with Google’s suite of advanced publisher monetization tools.

Publishers enjoy several exclusive benefits by working with Mediawrkz:


  • Expertise: Being a GCPP partner enables our teams to access the latest resources and training from Google. This gives publishers the trust & confidence to rely on our expertise to set up and optimize digital content that attracts the most profitable and relevant advertising.


  • Access: GCPP partners are plugged into the Google Ecosystem. So they stay ahead of the curve. Partners have advanced access to the latest Google products and features by passing Google-administered exams every year.


  • Results: GCPP Partners provide cutting-edge strategies and solutions powered by Google’s advanced monetization technologies that maximize results consistently  

Senthil Govindan, the CEO of Datawrkz expressed, “Our longstanding partnership with Google has been key to our success as a trusted publisher partner. Earning GCPP stripes is a truly proud and momentous accomplishment for us all here at Datawrkz. It reaffirms our expertise in guiding publishers in every aspect of their monetization journey.”

Arunprabu Kesavan, Head of Mediawrkz commented, “Becoming a Google Certified Publishing Partner is an important milestone for Mediawrkz. This recognition further validates our expertise in and dedication to helping publishers maximize their ad revenue. We are proud to partner with Google and look forward to continuing our work in delivering exceptional results for our clients.”

About Mediawrkz

Mediawrkz is the specialist Publisher Solutions Division of Datawrkz. Mediawrkz offers the industry’s most easy-to-use, cutting-edge Programmatic Revenue and Yield Solutions for Publishers and Advertisers across the world. Built on top of Datawrkz’s decade-long experience working with partners in India, the US, South East Asia, and Africa, Mediawrkz’s offerings are fashioned as a win-win enabler for Publishers in the fast-changing demand-side ecosystem.

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