Media is invited to a private screening of “tOuch Kink” at DomCon, the largest convention of Dominatrixes in the world


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Media is invited to a private screening of “tOuch Kink” at DomCon, the largest convention of Dominatrixes in the world. #tOuchKink

Discovering kink shattered my misconceptions. It’s surprisingly common and diverse. It’s like exploring a foreign land within familiar borders.”

— Todd Max Carey

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 14, 2023/ — Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing world of feminine domination as “tOuch Kink,” a revolutionary documentary film, takes center stage at a private screening during DomCon LA, the world’s largest convention of Dominatrixes taking place at the Hilton LAX. This exclusive event offers journalists an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the real world of BDSM and fetishism alongside hundreds of Dominatrixes from across the globe.

Studies have shown that approximately 12% (1.) of Americans have already explored kink, and roughly 33% (2.,3.) are interested in delving into it. This represents the single largest unserved market in the world. While “Fifty Shades of Grey” may have scratched the surface, it is now time for the truth to be revealed. Join us in discovering the real world of kink with #tOuchKink.

“tOuch Kink,” a seven-year labor of love created by Todd Max Carey, delves deep into the BDSM and fetish community, inviting viewers on an intimate exploration through the eyes of four remarkable individuals who share their unique experiences and perspectives:
1. Grace – An all-American soccer mom who embarks on a transformative journey, awakening her inner Goddess as she courageously steps into the realm of being a Dominatrix.
2. Mistress Evilyne – A British Dominatrix on a daring cultural mission, unyielding in the face of tabloid scrutiny and harassment from the British establishment, as she fearlessly challenges societal norms.
3. Robin – A fearless Texan Kinkster and devoted slave who embraces the lifestyle, becoming the cherished property of a Dominatrix.
4. January Seraph – A mercurial muse, guide, and inspiration who unveils the secret power that lies within all women, a power that few truly comprehend. Her profound insights are reserved for those courageous enough to explore the depths of “tOuch Kink.”

This groundbreaking documentary promises to enlighten and challenge preconceived notions, providing an authentic glimpse into a world that remains largely misunderstood.

The private screening of “tOuch Kink” is exclusively arranged for media representatives and the international Dominatrix community, scheduled to take place on 8 pm May 17 at DomCon LA, held in the heart of Los Angeles at the Hilton LAX. Attendees will have the extraordinary opportunity to engage with numerous Dominatrixes from various corners of the globe, fostering a rich and immersive understanding of feminine domination.

Journalists who wish to attend this groundbreaking event are encouraged to contact Todd Max Carey, the film’s producer, and director, at for further information and to secure their spot at the screening.

For more details about “tOuch Kink” and the talented cast involved, please visit the official IMDb page at

About “tOuch Kink”
“tOuch Kink” is a groundbreaking documentary film that fearlessly explores the world of BDSM and fetishism through the eyes of four extraordinary individuals. Created by Todd and Max Carey, the film offers an intimate and authentic glimpse into the transformative journeys and experiences of its subjects, challenging societal norms and promoting understanding.

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Producer/Director, “tOuch Kink”


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