Marwadi University partners with ISRO and ITCA


MoU signed to develop a specialized lab and timeline to launch satellites
 MU joins hands with the 2022 mission – a spectacular state-of-the-art programme for
expanding global NewSpace and emerging FastSpace
 Through this unique mission, students will be able to compile a portfolio of signature
space projects that highlight their competencies
New Delhi, July 22, 2022: In a massive step to accelerate student innovation, Marwadi
University (MU), the youngest institution to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by
the Government of Gujarat, signed a MoU today with the Indian Technology Congress
Association (ITCA). The aim is to develop and launch student-built satellites into the orbit
under the aspirational and ambitious 75 Students’ Satellites Mission 2022 in collaboration with
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). A special space lab will be set up at the
University with INR 1.9 crore funding by the university itself.
This will be the first student satellite to be launched from Gujarat. The satellite being built under
the Mission by MU students and faculty will have a mass of 1300 grams and a payload of 260
grams. The mission’s purpose is to educate students on how to design, develop, manufacture,
integrate, test, launch, and monitor SmallSats through a hands-on paradigm.
The 75 Students’ Satellites Mission 2022 aims to have students pursuing higher education build
and launch small satellites (SmallSats) into low earth orbit. It envisioned 75 satellites being
launched to commemorate the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, with 75 notable institutions deploying
their student-built SmallSats.
The collaboration leverages the immense opportunities presented to students by a growing
space-tech industry. The global small satellite market is currently valued $325 billion,
and is projected to reach $1371 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 16.4%. As per reports,
India’s space sector stands at only $7 billion, out of the $447 billion global space economy in
2020 and has a vast potential for employment and entrepreneurship.
“At MU, we are excited to offer our students emerging opportunities in deeper tech cultures and
multidisciplinary learning in NewSpace. Only 12 institutions so far have able to build and launch
their own satellites. This opportunity puts MU in the league of some of the very top institutions in
India and abroad. This will help to attract bright teaching and learning talent, as well as adds
value with respect to learning and research outcomes, placements, and better NBA/NAAC/NIRF
scores” shares Prof. Sandeep Sancheti, Provost, Marwadi University.
The Space Lab will teach Satellite Communications in real-time in-orbit. The data collected from
the ground station can be processed with AI-ML algorithms to predict the necessary information

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required, which can also be shared with other stakeholders like industries or the government.
The Mission 2022 will provide science-based education and experience-based learning to
students with mentoring by ITCA’s renowned SpaceTech team, strengthening skills in systems
engineering and project management.
“This Mission’s science-based approach and experience-based learning would build a culture of
innovation in the country in alignment with the NEP 2020. These NewSpace skills would be of
significant value to the students and would also enhance the education and research levels of
the institution. We are glad to onboard Marwadi University as participating institution with proven
design and launching capabilities. The program will build and sharpen students’ skills in design,
development, manufacture, integration, testing, launch, and monitoring of small satellites,” says
L.V. Muralikrishna Reddy, President, ITCA.
With this, Marwadi University becomes eligible to host/participate in WCRC World
Championships to be held in any part of the World including Israel, Serbia, Japan, Russia, Italy,
Germany, Canada, the USA, and the UK.