Log9 ‘Trust’ policy allows Log9ers to take infinite leaves throughout the year


Bengaluru, 14 May 2022: Bengaluru-headquartered deep-technology and advanced battery technology startup Log9 has announced a first-of-its-kind ‘Infinite-Leave’ Policy – which they have proudly named Log9’s ‘Trust’ Policy –  that enables its people (Log9ers) to take as many leaves as they want, whenever and however they want, throughout the year. The policy, which comes with zero terms and conditions, is applicable to each and every Log9er, including the organization’s full-time interns, founders, top and mid-level management.

This Policy has been conceived and introduced by Log9 based on the feedback and suggestions received previously from its people (employees). Unlike Log9’s earlier leave policy, under their newly-announced Trust Policy, there is no hard limit to the number of days or hours that a Log9er can take off, as long as their work is completed. The Policy, which empowers Log9ers with optimum flexibility to take paid leaves as and whenever they need to, is intended to fundamentally shift the ownership of one’s well-being within the organization from his/her manager to the individual himself/herself by removing all approvals required to take leaves. Furthermore, it also aims to develop a “co-founding mindset” in every Log9er!

As a progressive organization that is striving to be “the most people-centric organization on the Planet”, Log9 believes that growth can be infinite when its people, i.e. Log9ers grow professionally and personally. And to that end, their newly-rolled out Trust Policy allows people to have the freedom to take leaves whenever they need or want to so that they can have greater levels of work-life integration, and be more forthcoming about when they need to take time off to recuperate and de-stress!

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Speaking on the new policy, Dr. Akshay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO, Log9 says, “At Log9, ‘Trust’ is the key cornerstone on which the organization and our work culture has been built. Over time, we have realized that in order to develop a co-founding mindset amongst our people, it is imperative that we trust all our people like the extended members of the founding team itself. Also, Log9’s Purpose of ‘Pioneering Responsible Energy’ is possible only when all our people act responsibly. Along the same lines, we are now delighted to launch our ‘Trust Policy’ – a policy that puts our people in charge of the company’s goals and their own well-being. This represents a fundamental shift in empowering the individual instead of exercising control through management layers and approvals for leaves.”

Raman S R, Chief People Officer, Log9 adds, “At Log9, our trust for our people is infinite, and so are now the leaves. And with the introduction of our new Infinite-Leave Policy – which is another step forward for enabling the greater well-being of our employees – we wish to reaffirm and strengthen that commitment and let our tribes know that we trust them with everything they do. Going forward, as an organization that actively listens to its people, we are rethinking all our HR policies and practices from our people’s perspective and aligning them with our core values.” 

Log9’s Trust Policy (Infinite-Leave Policy) — the fulcrum or anchor of which is ‘Trust’ – helps the organization to give its people more responsibility, while expecting them to act responsibly. Notably, all Log9ers have communicated the company’s goals in the form of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) which they need to deliver as a team or a squad. The squads work together towards solving problems and leading Log9’s projects, and more importantly, towards bringing the organization’s goals to life. They have complete freedom to create, execute and deliver on their own goals in alignment with Log9’s objectives. 

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In the long run, Log9 aims to boost productivity, motivation, and engagement amongst its squads/tribes with policies like this one. The organization also has introduced a quarterly 360-degree feedback process that helps Log9ers develop each other; trusting them to provide constructive feedback to each other to help propel their growth, as opposed to making the feedback just driven by the manager.