KDM launches heart-warming video dedicated to all ‘Super Moms’


Mumbai, May 04, 2022: To commemorate Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner, leading consumer lifestyle & mobile accessories brand KDM has dedicated a video celebrating the superstar mothers. The video is dedicated to mothers who, apart from doing varied household chores like a superwoman, also harbours unfulfilled desires.

‘Karo Dil Ki Marzi Mummy with KDM’ video starts with a young daughter sporting a KDM neckband introducing her mother who can sing and dance but sacrificed her dreams for the sake of her family. Her strong-willed mother takes each challenge head-on with a smile. The daughter encourages her mother to listen to her heart and live her life through KDM music products. It is the small wishes and aspirations which make us happy, those unfulfilled hobbies and passions like dancing, singing, and endless lists which KDM products empower its users to do so. 

The video is filmed on versatile actor Suchita Trivedi who is known for her work in Hindi TV dramas. She is widely remembered for her portrayal of Indiawaali Maa and Meenakshi Thakkar in the acclaimed dramedy Baa Bahoo Aur Baby on Star Plus, for which she twice won the Indian Telly Award for Best Actress in a Comic Role, and received two further nominations.

The strategically thought campaign ‘Karo Dil Ki Marzi Mummy with KDM’ is all about the brand persona. The heart-touching 1-minute video depicts all the selfless sacrificing mothers who need to also listen to their heart along with performing their jobs.

Mr. N D Mali, Founder, KDM said, “It is incredible how much mothers get done in a day’s work. They are truly supermoms. We often do not realize the efforts and work our mothers put in each day to help us grow and live a better life. In making the day special, music accessories can also be a meaningful gift suitable for the occasion.”

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Mr. Bhawarlal Suthar, Co-Founder, KDM said, “The key purpose of this campaign was to pay tribute to mothers for being constant companions and showering selfless love. This Mother’s Day we pay tribute to every mother who is always standing like a pillar and is fighting all the difficulties for her children.  So, this Mother’s Day why not get her something absolutely unique that she can cherish?”

KDM has developed a wide variety of products under mobile accessories and lifestyle segments, which ranges from mobile chargers, earphones, speakers, neckbands to headphones.