ISF organises 6th Technology Conference, “Tech Next: Digital Wave”


ISF says robust IT hiring will have higher temporary staffing component than before; labour formalization as key to solving India’s growing unemployment challenge; to chart new course as the largest voice aspiring to represent the voice of 13.03 million workers

May 18, 2022, Delhi: Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), the apex body that represents the staffing companies in India, today held a hybrid briefing for media in Bengaluru on the sidelines of its’ 6th Technology Conference, “Tech Next: Digital Wave’. Lohit Bhatia, President – ISF, Pramod Pachisia, Vice President – ISF and Suchita Dutta, Executive Director, ISF, interacted with the media on the occasion and shared key focus areas and initiatives of the organization besides perspectives on the impending central labour reforms, unemployment challenge facing India, interesting insights on the surge in IT hiring right now, among others.

In his comments, Lohit Bhatia, President, ISF, said, “The biggest reforms in labour laws in India that has been long overdue is almost there excepting a last mile block interms of many/certain states’ reluctance to sign on. We have embarked on an awareness campaign to highlight the benefits of labour reforms to individual states. We want to bring to their attention the link between labour reforms progress & ease of labour compliance to higher FDI receipts and also how these states score relatively better on the employment front as well.” “The formalization of labour is not just about benefits and job security. it has macro implications beyond that as well. It lessens the burden of central and state governments at times of pandemic like this as the safety net already exists which takes care to a large extent incase of unexpected job losses etc. also it frees up the bandwidth of the government (central and state) to focus on other issue aspects,” he further added.

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Talking of ISF expanding its representation to facility management and security services, Suchita Dutta, Executive Director, ISF, said,” The synergies and benefits of a single voice representing the 13.03 million largely temporary workforce spread across areas including facility management and security services is immense. For policy makers it is easy to interact and gain a holistic perspective on the needs and pain points faced and for the respective sectors, its’ much more effective as there is a single voice which understands the nuances of what each sub sector needs and then weaves that into the overall perspective. Our intention is to be an impact multiplier and facilitator.”