India US CEO Forum Working Group 7 & CyberPeace organiz


Delhi, 25th June 2024: The Working Group 7 of the India US CEO Forum in
association with the CyberPeace Foundation organized a cybersecurity capacity
building and skilling workshop for MSMEs and startups in Lucknow. The workshop,
an initiative under NIHIT, was held on the sidelines of the CII conference on
Cybersecurity and data protection. The workshop saw participation of over 75
MSMEs, startups and young entrepreneurs to learn about the evolving landscape of
cybersecurity threats and the importance of security in today’s digital age.
Dr Subi Chaturvedi, Global SVP, Chief Corporate Affairs & Public Policy
Officer, InMobi emphasizing the growing importance of cybersecurity said, “India
is the most targeted country in the world when it comes to cyber-attacks, and state-
sponsored attacks on the nation have increased by 278%. As India is innovating at
top speed and creating value, it has become very attractive for hackers, state and
non-state actors. Every device is now a connected device, making it easier to hack
these devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) has added another layer of complexity.
Such attacks affect businesses, individuals and critical infrastructure in an
unprecedented manner. For India, the gap between digital infrastructure and digital
literacy needs to be closed with urgency through national-level capacity building
programs. The global south will have to take the leadership in everything cyber and
ensure user safety, in addition to inherent trust and integrity in all systems.
Innovation has to be responsible, inclusive, ethical, and secure for India to realize its
innovation potential and become a hub of emerging technologies like AI, blockchain,
and quantum computing. This would be essential to becoming the third largest
economy in the world”.
Major Vineet Kumar, Founder and Global CEO, CyberPeace Foundation,
said, “It is imperative for MSMEs and startups to prioritize cybersecurity to
safeguard their operations and sensitive data. 43 percent of all cyberattacks target
MSMEs and startups in India and since they account for nearly 35% of the nation’s
GDP, it is important to cut avoidable losses. By implementing strong cybersecurity
measures, businesses can protect themselves from the increasing threat of
cyberattacks and ensure their longevity in the market. This workshop aims to equip
MSMEs with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively defend against cyber
threats and build a resilient digital infrastructure”. He shared free to use tools and
gave practical, hands on advice to startups and MSMEs to enhance cyber hygiene.
The workshop was the second under the aegis of the NIHIT platform, an initiative of
the WG7 of the India US CEO Forum. InMobi and Mastercard are anchoring the
working group from India and the US respectively, while Tata Sons is anchoring the
overall CEO Forum from India and supporting the initiatives. The initiative furthers
the intersessional work done by the working group for empowering MSMEs,
startups, and small businesses. The series of workshops will look to build capacity
and upskill professionals in securing their businesses against online threats, ensuring

their safe, secure and sustainable growth, and their integration into the global supply
chain, enhancing India’s export share.


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