“India Mai Already Dance Ka Revolution Shuru Hogaya Hai,” Says Shakti Mohan On Zee Café’s Dance With Me Season 2


All dance and pure entertainment – Zee Café’s first original production “Dance With Me” got off to a flying start! Together with dance maestros Shakti & Mukti Mohan’s fun chemistry, the first five-episodes have been about blissful dance and total madness! This week, the kids are here to take over! Children are not things to be moulded but are people to be unfolded. Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. Well, don’t we know that already?

Bachpan Ke Bachans will show you that imitating them is not going to be an easy job for you. To channel their energies, Mukti Mohan said, “Mai aaj in bacho mai se do bacho ko scholarships dena chati hu!” There’s no better way to start them young, Mukti! The episode has it all! Record-breakers, upcoming dance legends and a lot of fun with Aye Mohan, Answer, and the Hook Step Challenge and more only on Zee Café’s Dance with Me Season 2. Don’t forget to send in your entries and tag @zeecafeindia with your hook step challenges.

To get us started, Ridham Makwana will give us a taste of what young kids can do these days! An 8-year-old young girl who has been at it since she was 3 will give you a WHOA moment with her skills and moves. Ridham will give a breath-taking performance with her beat-breaking, classical, and semi-classical style! We surely can’t match her pace. Shakti Mohan said, “Apke expressions dekh ke maza hi aagaya! What a start to the episode.” We believe that Shakti! After mesmerising the Mohan sisters, she’s got a surprise for them for becoming new Maasis’! Aww, right! Come watch this little girl sway your heart away.

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Do you love acting and dancing? Abhi Ajmera does! A 10-year-old kid who has been training in Bollywood Hip-hop and contemporary will get you in the Bollywood feel. A huge Varun Dhawan fan herself, Shakti Mohan said, “Apka favourite Varun Dhawan hai laken apke moves Tiger Shroff jaise hai.’’ Hume bhi laga, Shakti! Mukti couldn’t hold back either, she said, “End mai pooch na aapne, Maza Aaya? Abhi, Humko buhut maza aaya!” Humko bhi, Mukti! Watch this little champ dance his way into your hearts and minds on this episode of Dance with me.

In this week’s edition of Aye Mohan Answer! A fan asked the question which we needed to ask ourselves ages ago! He asked, “When do you think India will have it’s dance revolution?” Shakti Mohan gave a fitting reply and said, “India mai already dance revolution chal raha hai aur kitna revolution karoge! Movies, Dancers aur Studios sab hi bohut chal rahe hai! Dance With Me dekho, aapko pata chal jayega revolution shuru hogaya hai!” Kya Aapko lagta hai revolution shuru hogaya hai? Agar nahi, toh apna opinion change kariye Dance with Me 2 dekh ke and be ready to go WHOA!