Omicron Alert: FFD Launches Free Helpline For Diabetics


 In the wake of the third wave of the pandemic, India’s leading organisation specializing in Diabetes Reversal – Freedom from Diabetes’ (FFD) has launched a free helpline number 020-25928002 for diabetics in the country. Triggered by the new Omicron variant, the COVID virus has resurfaced and the daily increase in the number of positive cases has made the alarms go off everywhere. FFD’s founder Dr Pramod Tripathi, during the first and second waves of the pandemic had identified that individuals with comorbidities including hypertension and thyroid were more susceptible to the virus as compared to other diabetics. In an attempt to pre-emptively help diabetics in case they do get infected by the virus, Dr Tripahti has also released a free downloadable guide on the dos and don’ts available on –

“Over the last two waves of the pandemic, roughly 25 per cent of diabetics under FFD’s programme were detected COVID positive. Of these, nearly 60 per cent of individuals experienced high blood sugar fluctuations. Fortunately, most of the diabetics were in the midst of FFD’s reversal programme and their conditions did not escalate to any serious levels. However, those whose symptoms did exhibit severity were suffering from hypertension and thyroid-related issues. Amidst the third wave of the pandemic, based on our findings from earlier cases, we have compiled a booklet containing the basic dos and don’ts for diabetics to minimize their exposure to the virus or god forbid, even if they do contract it, the booklet will serve as a guide to help them lessen its severity. Alongside, we have also launched a free helpline for diabetics to call and share their concerns. We’ve deployed a team of experts who will be readily available to offer the best advice to diabetics,” says Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, FFD.

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To begin with, Dr Tripathi advises diabetics to make adjustments in diets such as to include 25 per cent grain, 25 per cent dal and 50 per cent vegetables to immediately boost immunity against COVID. It is also advised to lower diet high in the glycemic index to maintain the blood sugars in a normal range.

“While there is no one umbrella rule to completely eliminate the threat of COVID or its latest variant, the Omicron, there are small methodical changes that will help diabetics mitigate its risk. Apart from safeguarding one’s physical health, it is also necessary to keep the mind healthy. During the last two waves, we observed that for quite a few individuals whether diabetics or otherwise, their mental health had taken a beating. So, while we fight the virus from the outside, we should also learn to fight it from within. It is especially for this, that we have launched the free helpline for diabetics to reach us at any time they feel like they need assistance. Our hope through this exercise is to alleviate the stress that diabetics go through and offer them a helping hand when they need it,” concludes Dr Tripathi.

Dr Pramod Tripathi is a pioneer of diabetes reversal in India. Since 2013, through his FFD initiative, he has helped 11314 diabetics free themselves from dependency on either insulin or medicines or both. He is currently on a mission to free 100,000 diabetics by 2025.