Imam Hassen Chalghouni claims that extremists are always looking for scapegoats to blame for their actions


The book presentation took place in French, but the message should eventually be known in all the languages of the world, let us free Islam from Islamism. That is the difficult mission of Islamic Imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

The ebook presentation occurred in French, however the message ought to ultimately be identified in all of the languages of the world, allow us to free Islam from Islamism. That is the troublesome mission of Islamic Imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

Imam Hassen Chalghouni offered his newest ebook in Brussels right now, which goals to liberate Islam of Islamists.

The Imam of Drancy is a staunch supporter of interfaith concord and collaboration, and his phrases and actions mirror this.”

— Manel Msalmi, European Association for the Defense of Minorities

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, September 22, 2022 / — A presentation of nice significance took held right now, on Thursday, September 22, on the European Press Club within the European capital of Brussels. The Conference of Imams of France and the European Association for the Defense of Minorities labored collectively to placed on this occasion, which drew a large number of attendees. There, that they had the wonderful alternative to sit down collectively and have a dialog with Imam Hassen Chalghoumi about his most up-to-date ebook, which was titled “Libérons l’islam de l’islamisme” (which accurately interprets to “Let’s liberate Islam from Islamism”). The dialog was completely fascinating. The ebook was the subject of dialogue at this gathering. This assembly was adjourned following the presentation of the “Prize for Dialogue and Peace” by Andy Vermaut, president of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue. The presentation was very skillfully facilitated by Manel Msalmi, president of the European Association for the Defense of Minorities. The European Association for the Defense of Minorities is now led by Manel Msalmi, who serves as its president.

Secularism and freedom
The position of France as one of many focal factors for the Islam is essential. As a consequence of this, he’s a staunch supporter of secularism and freedom of faith, and he places the information and context into correct perspective with respect to each the minority and the bulk. Hassen Chalghoumi: “The proof each in opposition to the only a few Islamists who are hostile to the Republic of France and in opposition to the extremists who are typically additionally accountable for decision-making in France. These extremists are always looking for scapegoats in France as properly, with Jews being on the prime of their goal record but additionally Arabs who don’t share their values coming in a detailed second. The Jews are at present within the lead on this competitors to be hated by Islamists. As a results of this, it’s the conviction of mine that the faith of Islam ought to present ladies a extra necessary position. Not solely are they the simplest communicators of knowledge and tolerance inside Islam, however they are additionally the simplest treatment for the excessively violent practices of Islamism. I don’t take this frivolously since I’m interesting to historical past, tradition, and the information that my mother and father gave me. However, I additionally need to promote the recuperation of the Arabic language and social networks, which mustn’t proceed to be the unique area of those that are radicalized. You might learn in additional depth in my ebook the the reason why I keep this viewpoint. So I would like to assist unfold the restoration of the Arabic language and social networks, I’m not going to take this motion frivolously.”

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Opposition to anti-Semitism
“He claims the patriotism of his fellow soldiers and their love for their homeland,” mentioned Manel Msalmi. “He claims the patriotism of his fellow guys.” It is the responsibility of Muslims, in his view, to liberate Islam from the shackles of Islamism, which has a stranglehold on the faith. There is nobody else who can do that exercise in their place. Because he’s a robust opponent of anti-Semitism, his ebook may also irritate the people who threatened his life and the lives of his household and compelled him to stay below the safety of the police. After that, Andy Vermaut continued by including, “Hassen Chalghoumi is the chairman of the Conference of Imams of France in addition to being the imam of the mosque in Drancy, and I find him to be a very friendly and charming person. His reputation as a critic of anti-Semitism and Islamism is fairly extensive, and he has been the target of a number of fatwas, including one that was issued by the Islamic State (Daesh). Because the Imam places a strong emphasis on both peace and open dialogue with his disciples, we have chosen to provide today’s reward in recognition of these two core values. “

Very necessary dialogue
Andy Vermaut:”They could not have requested for a greater president on the Conference of Imams in France as a result of he elevates Islam above Islamism and above any extremism and since he’s a real supporter of what faith really represents. In that regard, I agree with him that this needs to be the one of many authentic variations of Islam; but, who are we to cross judgment on different individuals’s non secular beliefs? I feel that it’s the obligation of Muslims worldwide to reject people inside their faith who advocate violence and bigotry and to concern a fatwa denouncing such conduct so as to put a cease to this as soon as and for all. In this sense, the imam has sparked a big social downside that will generate an ideal lot of gas for inner debate; however, I really feel that the perfect plan of action in any faith is to hold away of violence perpetrated within the title of a religion. This is my opinion. Because it will be disrespectful to all faiths, no matter which religion is getting used as an evidence, nobody might ever use any faith as a justification for committing acts of violence below any circumstances. To reply your query, sure, it does make me extraordinarily happy that this man has such a form coronary heart and the intestinal fortitude to have this dialogue in such depth in France, Europe, and now throughout the globe. You ought to learn his ebook. The conclusion that we’d like to do do away with Islamic extremism, which is disrespectful to Islam, so as to protect an genuine model of Islam, could be very highly effective. I’m overjoyed that this man has the compassion in addition to the intestinal fortitude to interact on this essential dialogue. In this context, it’s always an additional pleasure for me to collaborate with Manel Msalmi, the president of the European Association for Minorities, since she, too, works tirelessly day by day to uphold the beliefs that are espoused on this ebook. Therefor it isn’t stunning that she was requested to introduce the ebook right here at this occasion right now. I wholeheartedly endorse Hassen Chalghoumi’s efforts and message for educating everybody within the (Islamic) globe.”

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Profound respect
Andy Vermaut: “Yes, yes, yes. It is for me always a tremendous pleasure to meet Hassen Chalghoumi, provided that he really presents a hee good tale, since the title “Let’s liberate Islam from Islamism” is something he genuinely wants to see come to fruition. This imam surely has a lot of guts. That’s another reason I appreciate him so much. This is a debate not everyone dares to enter.” Manel Msalmi asserts that Imam Hassen Chalghoumi believes indisputably that secularism safeguards religions in opposition to extremism. Manel Msalmi:”In the meanwhile, Hassen Chalghoumi has grown to have a profound respect for the religious beliefs and practices of others. The Imam of Drancy is a staunch supporter of interfaith harmony and collaboration, and his words and actions reflect this. Throughout the whole of his work, Hassen Chalghouni offers his reflections and ideas on a wide range of subjects.”

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