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BUDAPEST, Hungary, March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In cooperation with Grape Solutions, the Knowledge Centre interface, accessible from MVM Group’s internal network, has been completely redesigned to enable all employees of the group to be immediately informed about energy news, research, events and professional publications relevant to MVM Group.

MVM Group is the most prominent player in the Hungarian energy sector, the second largest enterprise in Hungary and the tenth largest in the CEE region. The group is currently active in 23 countries, with 120 subsidiaries. Therefore, it is crucial for them to enable their employees to access transparent knowledge and communication within the group. With the help of the renewed platform, employees can read about a wide range of information, including projects and developments of MVM Plc. and its subsidiaries: external domestic and international energy research, innovations and events.

The MVM Knowledge Centre was established and is operated by the Technology Innovation Directorate (TIIG) with the support of the Knowledge Centre Working Group. Its primary task is to provide a tool for the three pillars of knowledge management: knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and knowledge exploitation. A key feature of the platform is the newsletter module, where visitors can broaden their knowledge on energy technology, regulatory, market analysis, tendering and external affairs.

“We have been planning to significantly redesign the MVM Knowledge Centre platform for the 18 000 employees of MVM Group. We consider it an important mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of the company they work for, can access the professional content of our colleagues. Grape Solutions has been a member of the group for more than five years, and during this time we have implemented several successful projects with them. Their expertise in design, development and implementation has ensured the smooth renewal of the Knowledge Centre’s interfaces,” said Zsolt Bertalan, Group Technology Innovation Director of MVM Group.

“As a member company of MVM Group, the development of the Knowledge Centre platform was a significant project for us: we wanted to create value for our employees, and we believe we have succeeded. The content management system makes it easier and quicker for the team to carry out its daily communication tasks, including the exchange of information with employees,” added Szilárd Széll, CEO of Grape Solutions Plc.

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