How SUVs Have Dominated the Automotive World

How SUVs dominate

In automotive history, the sedan was once the most popular model of car on the market. This remained the way for quite some time until a challenger emerged into the market. The Sports Utility Vehicle, or SUV, is now the dominating force in the car market. 8-seater cars and large SUVs have quickly become the vehicle of choice for families of all sizes. 

In this informative blog, we’re going to explain how SUVs have come to dominate the automotive world.

Size Matters

One of the main reasons more and more people are buying these types of vehicles is for their size. Being able to seat 8 comfortably is a major drawcard for larger families or people who like to go on long road trips with lots of friends. 

As well as having more seating room, large SUVs also tend to have more storage space, making them ideal for shopping, carrying items, trips away and other occasions when you need lots of storage room. They can also be upgraded with roof racks, allowing for more storage on top.

As well as extra seating and storage space, larger SUVs have more cabin room, making them more comfortable for driving.

Finally, some people feel safer and more secure driving larger cars, especially when they share the road with trucks and buses. The lift of an SUV, as well as its bulk, makes people feel comfortable and confident as they drive them. 

Towing Capacity

Another reason these beasts are dominating the automotive world is their towing capacity. Some of the larger models on the market are capable of towing upwards of 3,500 kilograms. This means that they can tow larger luxury caravans, larger boats and other items. This makes them appealing vehicle options for people who love to get away on the weekend, as well as grey nomad retirees and younger families who enjoy camping trips away. 

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Safety Ratings

Another reason why SUVs are a dominant force in the car market is that they have brilliant safety ratings. This is important as while you may drive safely, others on the road may not. Improved safety ratings mean that you are less likely to suffer injury in case of a collision, as well as improving the safety for your passengers. 

They Are Dependable Cars

Large SUVs represent the pinnacle of modern automotive engineering and design. These are vehicles, that if serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, will stand the test of time. They are less likely to break down or suffer from mechanical issues, making them dependable and reliable for everyday use. This is important, as mechanical repairs are not cheap at the best of times.

Also, you’ll find that new cars come with long warranty periods – sometimes five or even seven years. 

Summing Up

SUVs are currently dominating the automotive industry and with good reason. Their increased size is a bonus for many customers, as it means more seats, more cabin room, more storage space and an increased feeling of confidence behind the wheel. A large SUV has a huge towing capacity, making towing caravans, boats, trailers and other items achievable – and well-suited to certain lifestyles. Brilliant safety ratings make them desirable for those who want peace of mind on the road. And last, but not least, they are incredibly dependable automobiles, so you’ll avoid costly repairs. Finally, new SUVs come with long warranties, so you’re safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong you’re covered.