How Art Education Can Develop Impactful Entrepreneurs


    By – Amrita Deora, Founder & CEO, The Designera

    In theory, ‘Art’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are two very different disciplines. However, the skills one acquires during their formative years while pursuing the former are the ones that form the backbone of their entrepreneurial journey. A recent study states that children pursuing arts are three times more likely to be elected in the class office, indicating the development of leadership skills, which are crucial for any business owner. This is just one example.

    There is an array of such desirable traits that evolve with the help of art. With more parents, educators and employers realizing this, the study of arts is rapidly coming into the limelight. Here are some ways that will help you understand how art helps in developing impactful individuals – Out-of-the-box and Design Thinking In an era where the market is overflowing with worthy players, innovative solutions ensure the survival of a business.

    Entrepreneurs must think outside the box and come up with ideas that woo their audience. During art lessons, creative and imaginative thinking fine tune these entrepreneurial skills. One of the most invaluable soft skills in this day and age is strong design thinking. Defined by the IdeoU as ‘a process for creative problem solving with a human-centered core. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they’re creating for, which lead to better products, services, and internal processes.’ The study of arts can allow one to be a true design thinker.

    Product development
    Most art projects ask students to paint, draw or sculpt something from scratch based on an abstract outline. Training in this direction helps students develop dynamic products in the future. As entrepreneurs, it aids people in accurately identifying the expectations, desires and needs of buyers.

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    Once customers’ preferences are understood, product development becomes an easy path to pursue. Focus An entrepreneur has to deal with multiple issues at once. All entrepreneurs need to effortlessly wear different hats when leading their business. Sometimes even the multiplicity of ideas leaves the vision clouded.

    For those with an art background, simultaneously managing various things becomes less challenging as they can focus and concentrate on the issue at hand. Art students find it easier to visualise the outcome of different ideas, thereby selecting the most adequate one without spending a lot of time contemplating.

    It nurtures visual thinkers who can be focused among the plethora of tasks. Art even puts one in a meditative state. With entrepreneurs having to make crucial decisions each day, art education will encourage them to act mindfully and
    rationally even during the most stressful hours.

    Design thinking, product development and focus are just some of the numerous qualities that segue art education into impactful entrepreneurs. It truly can form the backbone of dynamic, creative and vibrant entrepreneurs.