HDFC Life’s latest digital campaign emphasises the need for adequate life insurance cover


HDFC Life, one of India’s leading life insurers, constantly endeavours to create greater awareness of life insurance among consumers.

In its latest campaign, #AdhuraNahiPuraInsurance, HDFC Life has taken forward the concept of Human Life Value (HLV) to enable consumers understand the need for adequate life insurance and calculate life insurance cover in line with their financial & life goals.

Often individuals purchase life cover that is inadequate and remain underinsured. This could be detrimental to the family’s well-being in case something was to happen to the breadwinner. The purpose of life insurance is to act as a replacement for income in the absence of the earning family member.

Through this campaign, HDFC Life aims to encourage individuals to calculate their ideal life cover with the help of the Human Life Value Calculator (HLV) available on the Company’s website at

The campaign comprises a series of three films featuring the talented Pratik Gandhi where the protagonist is present in situations that depict the consequences of inadequate preparation. The cases are relatable, and the scenes are witty, showcasing how ‘adha adhura’ or incomplete actions will land you in a pickle.

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