Google Chrome 89 rolls out live caption feature to transcribe videos on desktop


Google is finally rolling out a live caption feature for Google Chrome 89 on desktop. The feature was initially available only for Pixel 4 devices but was later available in the other Pixel phones including the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a. As the name suggests, the feature displays the captions of whatever is being played on your smartphones and now the desktop. For now, the feature has been rolled out in the English language only.

The feature was first spotted by XDA Developers. To use the feature, you will first have to download Google Chrome 89 if you do not have it on your computer. But if you already have the browser, you will have to update it first. When you freshly download it or update it to the latest version, you will see a live caption toggle on the top of the list. However, if you still cannot find the live caption option, you will have to either uninstall it and install the browser again or refresh your browser repeatedly.

Interestingly, the live caption feature not only helps users in transcribing the video being played on their device but also podcasts and even phone calls, if you are using the feature in your smartphone. The feature becomes useful in places where there is too much noise and you are unable to hear whatever is being said to you. On the desktop, the feature can be accessed by clicking on Settings >> Advanced >> Accessibility.

When you turn on the feature for the first time on the desktop, the browser will aromatically download some files related to speech recognition, as reported by XDA. In streaming apps like YouTube, this will display the text of whatever is being said in the video at the bottom of the video. If you want more text to fit in, you will have to increase the size of the window. In situations where you do not want to listen to the audio, you can turn on the live caption feature.

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Google had been working on this feature for a year now.The feature is finally getting a stable roll out for desktop. The feature will be available through a server side update. Apart from the pixel phones, the feature was also available to smartphones including the Galaxy S20 series, OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus Nord and more.