GetSetUp completed a 21-day Wellness Buddy Challenge for older adults with 1000+ participants


GetSetUp, a mission-driven education technology company dedicated to creating economic and learning opportunities for senior citizens, completed its first-ever 21-day Wellness Buddy Challenge with 1000+ participants. The three-week challenge was to encourage GetSetUp community members to get more active through fitness classes and take care of their overall wellness by attending classes on wellness and nutrition.

As part of the program, the community was encouraged to participate in classes related to overall wellness, such as nutrition, meditation, practising gratitude, and fitness classes. Participants joined the challenge with friends or family members, the platform matched individuals with a buddy. The challenge was designed for members of the GetSetUp community to set personal wellness goals and accomplish them with a friend. There were 4-5 daily guided sessions as part of the challenge.

Deval Delivala, Senior Vice President of GetSetUp, said, GetSetUp’s mission is to enable seniors to lead happier and healthier lives. With more than 1000+ seniors participating in this challenge across different locations, the results are very encouraging. Learners shared their workout progress, posted workout selfies and shared healthy recipes within the community. We will continue to bring such activities to our wonderful community in the spirit of connections and growing together.”

Sharing her experience, a GetSetUp community member said, “I joined the 21 days challenge three days ago from New York City. My buddy is in India. She speaks little English, and I speak little Hindi. We have been sharing our experiences and classes, and it has been really fun. I wish everyone good luck with the challenge.

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The challenge was hosted online, with anyone above 50+ allowed to join from anywhere in the world along with their buddy. During these three weeks, the community had to achieve one fitness, one wellness and one nutrition goal weekly. GetSetUp has 500+ classes every week with guided sessions on various topics for older adults, where the learners and Guides are all 50+. In addition, learners can take advantage of many free classes on the platform; the annual subscription starts at 2000 INR.