Gandhi Mandela Foundation appoints Abhinav Singh as co- secretary for India

Abhinav Singh

New Delhi, 16 March 2021: Gandhi Mandela Foundation (GMF) has announced the appointment of Abhinav Singh as co- secretary of India.

A program was organized under the aegis of Gandhi Mandela Foundation, an organization that embraces the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Mandela, in which former Chief Justice of India Bala Krishnan and Lufti Hassan, chairman of the American branch of the Gandhi Mandela Foundation organization Also participated. Hassan has also been an adviser to US presidents Joe Biden and Kamala Haris. In his address, he stressed the purpose and message of Gandhi Mandela Foundation to reach all the countries of the world.

Addressing the program, he said, “My job will be to involve the younger generation, my children, my grandchildren and the generations to come in this institution, I would like them to know what the Gandhi Mandela Foundation is and they will get an extension of this institution.” “I see a lot of youth here who are very excited to be a part of this international institution, so that’s how I want to expand it in the United States and take this mission forward.”

Addressing the program after his appointment, Abhinav Singh said that he will try to reach the ideas of two great personalities all over the world and will reach the basic objectives of the organization to the people. He also expressed his gratitude to Nandan Jha, general secretary of the institution and other office bearers.

He said that he will make a successful attempt to take the Gandhi Mandela Foundation to a new heights under the leadership of United States President of Gandhi Mandela Foundation, Laffati Hassan, former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan and Jama Masjid President Imam Bhukhari. Abhinav Singh thanked and congratulated the international team of Gandhi Mandela Foundation