Freshworks Inc. Stock sees significant interest from Indian Investors- Comment by Mr. Viram Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Vested Finance


Freshworks Inc. stock has seen a significant increase in interest in the last few days. As per Vested Finance’s live-stock tracker , Freshworks Inc. stock has emerged as the investor’s top choice after its IPO, making it the most popular for investments.  This shows how investors are riding the global wave and investing in big IPO stocks like that of Freshworks.

In this context, please find below a comment by Mr. Viram Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Vested Finance for your perusal.

“Enquiries for investing in Freshworks were seen even before the listing by Indian investors but unfortunately they are not allowed to directly investing in IPOs of US markets. Since it got listed, over the last 3 days, it’s been the No. #1 stock on Vested Finance’s platform and 0.4% of Vested Finance users today hold FRSH in comparison 1.2% have invested in Coinbase and 6.5% have invested in Microsoft. More than INR 2 crore has been invested in Freshworks since it got listed on our platform. We witnessed a 50% spike in daily new account opening on our platform over the last few days due to the Freshworks excitement.”

Please do let us know if you would want to speak to Mr. Shah for any further queries. We will be happy to connect you with him for the same. The company and spokesperson profile is attached for your reference.

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