ETO Motors strengthens support for women empowerment,will benefit over 300 women of Delhi


 Delhi Metro Rail Corp. awards over 300 permits to ETO Motors
 The first phase of over 50 E-auto fleet operations would begin from August 2022
 E-Autos to be driven by women
New Delhi, 21 st July 2022: ETO Motors, India’s No. 1 EMaaS (Electric Mobility as a Service)
Company with its unique 360-degrees Electric Mobility business model, has planned to
deploy electric autos as last-mile connectivity to commuters driven by women at the Metro
Stations in Delhi from August 2022 onwards. The Company thrives on the 3E Principles of
Environment, Employment & Empowerment where women power takes the driver’s seat,
offering a service focusing largely on the deployment of clean mobility services that are
sustainable. This concept is testament to ETO’s support to women empowerment, gender
parity and vibrant communities.
ETO Motors has entered into an agreement with GMR Varalakshmi foundation and
MOWO, an NGO promoting safe mobility for women, MOWO to on-board and train women
drivers for last mile e-mobility services throughout the Delhi Metros. This initiative of ETO
Motors aims to create sustainable income and enhancement opportunities for 300 women
earners in the focus geography. The women will be provided with skill enhancement
training, continued guidance and help to run e-autos, thereby improving their employability
or helping them become micro-entrepreneurs.
After deploying e-ricksaw’s at various Metro stations in the national capital region, another
feather in the Company’s already illustrious cap has been the awarding of 300 permits by
the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for running electric autos driven by women drivers
to provide last-mile connectivity to its commuters. The e-autos driven by women would be
blue and lilac in color to increase visibility from the commuter’s point of view. The first
phase of over 50 E-auto fleet operations would begin from August 2022. This is another
program by the Company to fast-track the process of transitioning over a hundred thousand
drivers to electric vehicles through the captive ‘Green Future’ program.
“Our commitment to empowering women folk is truly unique and is underlined by the fact
that ETO Motors has trained 100 young unemployed women to drive electric autos in the
100% electric mobility city of Kevadia in Gujarat. We are now adding 300 electric autos in
the Metro Stations in the Delhi, driven by women who will provide last-mile connectivity
services to commuters who would use the metro service”, said Mr. Deepankar Tiwari, Non-
Executive Vice Chairman.
ETO’s EV charging solution – Thunderbox, will be installed across Delhi at various metro
stations, Residential societies, public/semipublic malls etc. This will help all the females to
have easy access to the charging points for e2W and e3W addressing driver’s range anxiety

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ETO Motors’ lives by its dictum, a ‘Good Move’ and has demonstrated the same by
embarking success towards making Environment-Friendly Vehicles for the Country. ETO
Motors’ E-Auto, the Trilux 1.0 is the best-in-class 3-Wheeler smart electric vehicle known for
its futuristic features like the Safety belt for both passengers and driver, ergonomically
adjustable driver seat, Rear Crash Guard, along with the longest wheelbase in the industry
and the highest range of over a 100 kms, which makes it the most advanced e-Vehicle for
this program.