E-NEXCO INDIA launches E-NEXCO Eye for Road Network Survey


April 22 2022, New Delhi NCR: E-NEXCO INDIA Pvt. Ltd.(ENI), has launched road network survey business utilizing owned specific vehicle, namely E-NEXCO Eye for the Indian markets to  measure road surface conditions safely, quickly and accurately.

ENI was establishedin November 2019 as the Indian subsidiary of East Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. (NEXCO EAST), which is a Japanese government ownedcompany engaging in development, management, operation and maintenance of expressways in eastern part of Japan, and is now operating 4,000 km Expressway network and 4 million vehicles are using on the network every day.

“In order to provide safe and comfortable driving circumstances on roads for the users of our customers, the most important thing is to keep its pavement condition in a desirable service level. We have launched E-NEXCO Eye, which measures pavement conditions such as cracks, rutting and international roughness index (IRI) with the speed at any speed upto100km per hour at night. E-NEXCO Eye is an output of the collaboration activities with India and NEXCO EAST,” Mr. Tetsuo MIYAIRI, President, ENI & Director General of NEXCO EAST.

E-NEXCO Eye is the joint product, survey devices of which are made using Japan’s state-of-the-art technologies and then assembled in India.

The inauguration ceremony was conducted on 21st April, 2022, at the Toll Plaza of Delhi Agra Toll Road owned by Cube Highways, which helped the development and introduction of E-NEXCO Eye.

“It took 5 years since I first visited Japan and Mr. Miyairi and other NEXCO members showed us Japan’s expressways around. We are so much impressed by the good expressways that is very well maintained, and I thought we want this machine with high technologies that has been used in Japan to improve the quality of road and achieve the efficient maintenance of the road surface in India”, Dr. Reddy, CEO of Cube Highways and Transportation Assets Advisors Pvt. Ltd. celebrated the launch of E-NEXCO Eye.

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“I am quite confident that E-NEXCO Eye will make significant changes on road maintenance procedure. I strongly believe, as a result, that E-NEXCO Eye will contribute to upgrade the quality of life, economy, and society in India.”, Mr. Miyairi, emphasized the goal and dreams ofENI.

E-NEXCO Eye Key Features

  • IRI (International Roughness Index)
    • IRI values are calculated by measuring the longitudinal profile of roads using lasers and a gyro. E-NEXCO Eye can measure the profile via three survey lines, i.e. Outer/Between/Inner wheel path simultaneously.
    • A longitudinal profile with a 1-mm interval is output from E-NEXCO Eye. The calculated IRI values maintains an accuracy of more than 95% compared with Class-1 equipment. Moreover it is highly consistent, with an accuracy of more than 95% on repeated runs.
  • Crack detection
    • The color line-sensor cameras can continuously take high-precision color images of pavement surface with a width of 4.5 meters. Maintaining a resolution of 1 pixel per square mm, it can even detect cracks, potholes and any other defects on the surface even less than 1mm width of cracks.
    • The captured images can be output as the results of pavement surfaceimages covering the entire lane. Color can beadded to cracks, making them easy to identify. The images are equivalent to those taken with a single-lens reflex high-resolution camera.
  • Rutting measurement
    • E-NEXCO Eye is mounted with 3D scanning cameras that allow it to measure the height of pavement in the transverse direction at 1 mm intervals across a width of 4 meters, permitting not just calculating rutting depth but also identifying road surface contours.Moreover, measurement as fine as a 1mminterval is also possible in the longitudinaldirection.
  • Safety equipment
    • E-NEXCO Eye is equipped with a patrolling rotating light, allowing for safe measurement at night.The message signboard can display multiple information for road users.
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