Mitsubishi Electric India’s MELFA Series Industrial Robot – An intelligent solution for next-generation manufacturing


BY- Mr Neelesh Chipade, Sr. Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric India

Do you often look for a helping hand that can offer both accurate as well as consistent results? How about trying robotics then? With Industry 4.0 in place, the innovations have undoubtedly heralded automation like never before. Robots have acquired a whole lot in the workplace, along with manpower.

Owing to the precision they offer and their ability to work for long durations without fatigue, robots have become an important part of manufacturing processes for many industries. Nowadays, industries are constantly working on acquiring industrial robots in large numbers as these robots have revolutionized the manufacturing industry in an unparalleled manner.

When these industrial robots first emerged, they brought along confusion and denial. People working in the industry were unable to understand its full potential. However, with the passage of time, almost every sector adopted this new technology. In fact, this has become one of the most significant parts of the industry.

The initial phase of this revolution brought electric machines that performed repetitive tasks without fatigue. These robots were used in several applications, including the automobile industry. Gradually, the second phase brought industrial robots into the picture, which besides performing basic tasks also absorbed data to evolve and become better. Today, robots have revolutionized most of the industries, including healthcare, automobile, food & beverage, and electronics manufacturing

After seeing its huge demand across various sectors, a lot of global leaders involved in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products including Mitsubishi Electric India took a step forward to innovate and design industrial robots that can cater to a vast array of applications. With the help of its innovative factory automation products and solutions, Mitsubishi Electric India is playing a key role in mitigating issues like downtime and loss of efficiency across the manufacturing

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The company’s industrial robots (especially the MELFA FR series) are solutions that are designed to make next-generation manufacturing a possibility at a global scale. Industrial robots within the MELFA FR Series are small-sized, lightweight and efficiency-driven that are capable of managing industrial loads, both in terms of functionality and weight. The USP of these
industrial robots are that they are equipped with new and more intelligent solutions.

Besides its unique design and functions, MELFA offers a simpler approach for the flexible manufacturing of cutting-edge components and products. Highly accurate and flexible in nature, MELFA Series robots highlight every detail of the workpiece
including quality assurance and assembly of complex components. These robots are capable of performing their tasks round-the-clock at full speed.

Moreover, the MELFA FR series offer key technical aspects that make it different from others. These robots vary in size, technology, integration, etc. Intelligent technology – MELFA FR series works on an intelligent technology called MELFA Smart Plus that has helped broaden the functional possibilities for the robots. MELFA Smart Plus not only provides greater accuracy, simpler installation and shorter start-up times but has made it possible for the robots to perform tasks seemingly more advanced, with the help of sophisticated force sensors while improving cooperation through vision sensors.

FA-IT integration – The MELFA-FR Series are further integrated with an expansive range of factory automation equipment like the MELSEC iQ-R series. These machines, in turn, supports ‘[email protected]’, the smart manufacturing solution for hassle-free integration of industrial robots and IT systems. It also helps in increasing productivity while reducing maintenance as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Collaborative work applications for safety – MELFA FR Series incorporate collaborative work applications for enhanced safety. Its flexible design, easy programming, hassle-free operation and the versatility to connect and operate with a wide range of components makes it a strong case as a Collaborative Workspace Partner. The robot also comes in different series depending on the situation and demand for the product.

They are categorized as follows:-

 Vertical type RV-FR series- This series consists of top-of-the-line servo control and optimized arm construction that allows them to perform varied functions easily. Their compact bodies and slender arms help in covering a large work area and great load capacity. Also, their optimized arm length and multiple joints aid in complex assembly and process operations.
These robots can carry out a wide range of jobs right from assembling electrical components to transporting machine parts.

 Horizontal type RH-FR series- This series of industrial robots come in variations or different operating areas and hence are capable of a variety of applications. Their servo controls and extremely rigid arms enable speed and outstanding precision. The robots are perfectly designed for sectors like food manufacturing or pharmaceutical manufacturing units where
high-volume production and high levels of precision (for assemblage) are required respectively.

 Ceiling-mounted horizontal type RH-3FRH35 series- This series of industrial robots are a horizontal, multi-joint type of robot specially designed to save space through their suspended type of installation. These robots are perfect for various applications that include high-speed transportation, packaging, assembly of components, and inspections.

Applications of Mitsubishi Electric India’s MELFA across sectors
Food & Beverage industry – The food & beverage industry is growing at a very fast pace and is full of specialized machinery. The diversity of possible applications such as raw material placement or processed food items, slicing, cutting, sorting, dispensing and many other activities would need robots in the near future. Considering the strict hygiene standards, the MELFA Series robots are capable of tracing the products and processes included in producing it. These robots have now
become an integral part of the ecosystem.

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Automobile Industry – The company fulfils the ever-changing demands of the automotive industry by providing robots according to their needs. They have already enhanced robotic automation by providing small size robots, enabling leading two-wheeler makers to manufacture safer, comfortable, environment-friendly, efficient, and future-ready vehicles.

Healthcare Sector – MELFA robots are specially designed for pick-and-place and inspection that primarily revolve around device/part handling such as tablet picking, bottle and vial handling, testing, and a lot more. The healthcare sector undoubtedly has evolved rapidly with time, benefitting from new technologies and innovations, including Robotic automation.
There’s no denying that MELFA Series robots will help in increasing profitability and decreasing the harm caused to the human workforce in extreme applications which have earlier been a health hazard.