Danish Sensor technology company launches IoT sensor capable of running on battery power


IoT sensors for structural health monitoring

IoT sensors for structural health monitoring

The advantage of the new battery-powered sensor is that it can be placed off-grid where the supply of corded power is difficult

AABENRAA, DENMARK, December 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The advantage of the new battery-powered sensor is that it can be placed off-grid where the supply of power is difficult. Bridges, mountainsides, cliffs, and other remote structures or natural landscapes are good examples.

The team of engineers at ElastiSense saw a need for a battery-powered sensor by discovering that engineering structures and natural landscapes, like cliffs and mountainsides, are relevant places to have monitoring systems to surveil movement and potentially foresee unexpected collapses and thus avoid accidents. The new IoT sensor is a variant of the existing DS-Series Displacement Sensor from ElastiSense, which can be supplied with 2.5-5.25V.

As with all DS-Series sensors from ElastiSense, the IoT sensor is energy-efficient, which is good for both the environment and the economy of the user. “These new IoT sensors do not have to be turned on 24/7 but they can be set to measure in intervals. This allows them to run for a long time on the battery alone” says Benjamin Thomsen, CTO of ElastiSense.

Daily, we hear about accidents involving rockslides, landslides, bridge- or building collapses, or other damages to engineering structures. Most come with financial consequences and some even involve injuries or casualties. Sensors help keep an eye on the structures and can register any form of movement or changes in movement behavior. That can potentially help prevent accidents.

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“In principle, you can use DS-Series sensors anywhere. The high-grade silicone rubber encapsulation makes sure that the sensor can survive and even work perfectly in all conditions, even extremely high or low temperatures, rain, or snow, UV-light, dust, dirt, or even oil and chemicals that can sometimes appear in, for example, production environments,” Benjamin Thomsen continues.

When talking to Benjamin Thomsen about this sensor, it becomes clear that the potential is great. “The sensor can read very small changes in the environment or in a material. This allows for predictive maintenance of machinery and structures, and it makes it possible to foresee collapses in structures or natural landscapes. It’s a way to look into the future, the sensor measures even the smallest changes, so you can read out data and start maintenance or take other measures before accidents occur.”

Learn more about ElastiSense right here: https://elastisense.com/

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IoT sensors capable of running on battery power

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