Comment from President Akio Toyoda Concerning the Outcome of the 2020 Dakar Rally | Toyota | Global Newsroom


Comment from President Akio Toyoda Concerning the Outcome of the 2020 Dakar Rally | Toyota | Global Newsroom

The 2020 Dakar Rally has reached the finish line!

Firstly, I would like to offer my appreciation to all the competitors for finishing these 8,000 km of tough roads.

Nasser and Mathieu: congratulations for the second position overall with Hilux. It’s unfortunate that you missed the second victory in a row which we promised before the rally, but your charge in the second half of the rally was really impressive. I will keep a space next to the 2019 winners’ trophy in my office open for one more year.

In addition, I cerebrate our other Hilux crews, Giniel and Alex, Bernhard and Tom, and Fernando and Marc for their finishes.

Early last year, when I met Fernando in Detroit, he told me about his dream to challenge the Dakar Rally. I watched him take on the challenge, facing many difficulties; learning to repair the car, punctures and even roll overs. When Fernando rolled, he removed the broken windscreen and kept running with nothing to keep the dust out. Since he joined Toyota in rally raid, he drove without a windscreen many times. But I wasn’t worried. I knew he was good at driving a car without a windscreen like in F1. So I was quite convinced he might be faster without one!

Joking aside, I do believe Fernando enjoyed this challenge and the ability to fight at the front. I’m glad we could give him this opportunity.

I would also like to congratulate Hino Team Sugawara, and Sugawara, Somemiya and Mochizuki, for their eleventh consecutive victory in the truck category (10-liter engine or smaller). I’m sorry that the other truck, which is a new model, retired from the rally, but I also respect the new challenge. I appreciate all the team members who work hard to build “ever-better trucks”. Thank you very much.

I also would like to extend my congratulations to Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC) for their seventh consecutive victory in their class. Christian and Jean-Pierre, congratulations!

Akira and Laurent, congratulations for the second. But I understand your feeling.

Akira Miura sent me a message right after the finish. I would like to share his message (I didn’t get permission from him though):

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