Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal organises Basic Life Support (BLS) Training for IMA Yelahanka doctors


Basic Life support (BLS) training is key in handlingemergency situations. It is extremely important for doctors,regardless of any specialization to be aware ofthe basic life support techniques so that they are equipped with the skills to handle emergency situations which can arise among infants, children or adults. With this in mind Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal organisedBasic Life Support(BLS) Training workshop for the IMA doctors at the hospital premises. Over 15 doctors were trained in the  life saving technique provided by Dr.MaheshMylarappa, Consultant & Head Department of emergency medicine and Deputy CMS, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

Highlighting the importance of BLS training, Dr.MaheshMylarappa,Consultant &Head Department of emergency medicine and Deputy CMS, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal said “It is not only the responsibility of physician or cardiologist to handle emergency situations. Every doctor should know about the basic Life support techniques. This helps in saving lives. In cases like sudden cardiac arrest quick CPR initiation on the patient increases the chances of survival greatly. Similarly providing basic life support can help in managing conditions like fractures, poisoning, drowning, seizure, stroke etc. Irrespective of their specializations, it is crucial for the doctors to know about these life saving techniques”.

A mannequin was used for this informative and educational session organized by the hospital on which the IMA doctors got hands on training. The sessions included techniques of providing first aid in the event of infant drowning, cardiac arrest. Post successful completion of the session, Basic Life Support (BLS) training certificates were provided to all the participants.