CASHe launches instant credit line on WhatsApp; name is all


 The unique credit facility built on WhatsApp Business Platform enables users to get a
Credit line in 30 seconds by simply typing their name.
 This amazing new innovation allows customers access to an instant credit line on
WhatsApp. It requires no documents, no app downloads or filling up an application
 Users have to type ‘HI’ and send it to +91 80975 53191 on WhatsApp and get a pre-
approved Credit Line instantly.
Mumbai, June 15, 2022: CASHe, India’s leading credit-led, AI-driven financial wellness
platform today announced that it has launched an industry-first credit line service using its AI-
powered chat capability on WhatsApp to provide customers with a fast, seamless and
convenient way to access instant credit line by merely typing their name. The company further
stated that it is the first fintech player to offer this revolutionary service that promises an instant
credit limit without the need for any documents, app downloads or filling up tedious application
forms. WhatsApp’s millions of users across India can avail of a pre-approved credit
limit 24/7 in under a minute from CASHe on WhatsApp itself. Any customer can avail of this
service by initiating a conversation by just saying a ‘Hi” on CASHe’s WhatsApp number +91
80975 53191. The user-friendly service on the popular instant messaging platform will give
users access to instant credit in a contactless way and at their fingertips. This facility is
available to all salaried customers.
Underlying this facility is an AI-powered bot that matches the customer’s inputs and
automatically facilitates a formal application along with a KYC check, and once verified, sets
up a credit line in a few clicks through a guided conversational flow. The borrower’s details will
be generated and displayed based on the name entered – the only key input that the
borrower needs to enter at the start of the conversation.   
Mr. V. Raman Kumar, Founder Chairman, CASHe, said, “It’s our “Customer First” approach
that is at the forefront of our product innovation strategy. Today’s smart consumers demand
instant gratification and contactless support. Our AI-enabled chat product introduced on
WhatsApp is a step in this direction. We believe an industry-first and innovative service like
this will not only empower our customers and ensure that they get a best-in-class experience
in their demand for credit but will also significantly expand our credit footprint using the
humongous user base of WhatsApp, thereby bringing us closer to our vision of achieving
financial inclusion to the underserved in India.”

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CASHe’s WhatsApp chat service is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform, an enterprise
solution that allows businesses to communicate with new and existing customers on
WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. WhatsApp in India has been gaining
consumers in millions with a quarter of the two billion global users are from India alone. Taking
cognizance of this trend, CASHe has become the first fintech player to introduce this service
through its AI-powered chatbot. The service received tremendous traction with customers
during the beta stage with a near-zero delay in approving credit limits for the KYC-compliant