Cannabis Distillate: What You Need to Know


Cannabis distillate is a potent oil that is typically used to produce edible cannabis products, as well as being the base ingredient for many vape juices. It is also used as the active ingredient in a number of other cannabis-related products.

Distillate is the favored ingredient in edibles and vapes as it is largely flavorless, and therefore does not impact the taste of the final product. This allows for manufacturers to create a wide range of different flavors with other ingredients without the need to mask the flavor of the cannabis itself.

The most popular cannabis distillates on the market today are made using CBD oil and THC oil.


CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, is derived from the cannabis plant. It is reported to possess a number of exciting health benefits, such as being able to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. It is also said to tackle stress levels and offer relief to those who suffer from poor sleep.

Research into the potential extensive therapeutic uses of CBD oil is ongoing. However, it is already being widely used by consumers and patients for a selection of reasons.


THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. Although the THC is responsible for the high that is experienced when using cannabis, it also reportedly has a number of health benefits.

The use of THC in treating PTSD, disordered eating, and epilepsy is currently being researched and explored by experts.

How Cannabis Distillate Is Made

There are several steps that must be adhered to before the distillation process can begin. This involves first drying the plant and then extracting a concentrate from it using one of many different extraction techniques. This concentrate may then undergo a further process to remove fats and waxes, and then might possibly be subject to another process to activate the acidic cannabinoids.

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Once the preceding steps have been taken successfully, a distillation kit can be utilized for the next stage in the process. A professional distillation kit can be bought online and is an essential component of making cannabis distillate.

During the distillation part of the process, the oil will be further purified to reach completion. This purification should always take place at the lowest possible boiling point. This limited exposure to heat reduces the potential for damaging the cannabis compounds.

How to Use Cannabis Distillate

Upon successful production of cannabis distillate, it can then be used in a variety of different ways. These uses may pertain to either recreational, medicinal, or commercial use.

The infusion of these distillates into edible cannabis products is common. This can be done effectively with both food and beverages.

Topical CBD lotions and creams also generally contain cannabis distillate but will need to be manufactured alongside a carrier oil to ensure best use.

Although it is a long process with many different important considerations, being able to produce cannabis distillate allows for high-quality cannabis products to be manufactured.