COVID brings out a big shift in people’s perspective towards natural products: Arthi Raguram


Businessfortnight had an interview with Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga. She strongly believes in organic care for the body. Talking about her recent development during post-covid times, Deyga shares her views about organic and natural products.

Here is the full insight into her interview:

How do you think things have unfolded for the skin and hair care domain post-COVID?

I think the situation post-COVID is still challenging in many aspects but we’re gradually heading on to a normal lifestyle. Considering the hair and skincare domain, there has been a big shift in people’s perspective towards nature and natural
products. The pandemic has cost us all a lot which indeed has compelled people to be more aware and protective towards nature and go natural by all means. Hence, sustainability has come to more power now.

Share something about the background of you and your company
 I have been a nature enthusiast since childhood and Deyga is the portrayal of the same. It all started with a purpose to serve both ways, the people and nature with all that we could provide on our part. In brief, I would say Deyga is another child
that was born of passion, brought up with a purpose, and is continuing to serve the world with its authenticity.

There is no shortage of herbal products on the market, which can make it a bit of a crowded, and even confusing, market for consumers. What inspired you to launch Deyga?
Yes, absolutely there is abundant availability of herbal products nowadays. Even I fell for many during my teens but nothing did really work as it claimed to do so. I think the major key for a successful product lies in its ingredients and their right
combination. Growing up amidst the beauty of nature and seeking customized remedies for my own skin problems, I  got the fortunate chance of interacting with traditional secrets that are nothing but a bunch of these natural ingredients in the
right combinations made with the right techniques. My urge to let people know about the same has been the core inspiration behind the launch of DEYGA.

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Skincare sales have already influenced changes in the beauty market for women, but skincare for men is increasingly gaining more attention than it ever has before? Why do you think that is, and what else still needs to change?
We all have hair, we all have skin. Just because the gender differs, it doesn’t make any of us lesser than a human. Does it? Skincare is another humble gesture of self- love which all should pay heed to despite the gender. I am quite happy men are
breaking the stereotypes and treating all their organs equally. It’s all because our youth knows that self-love is a significant part of our lives no matter who you are, you deserve it anyway. What still needs to change is the minds of people who think
skincare is not a man’s cup of tea.

One of the goals for Deyga is to promote more people to use organic products regularly. What potential obstacles are you expecting and how does Deyga plan to overcome them?
To be honest the definite obstacles come from people who aren’t aware of the boons of organic farming. In addition to, a bit hike in the price which does come with assured quality is another point. We try to spread the word about the pros of organic
products, sustainability, environment, and health-friendly concepts as much as we can to make people equipped with the best information on the same through daily blog updates on the official website of Deyga and our social handles. We have the
best combo offers available at affordable prices for our customers to enjoy the best quality at discounted rates.

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Why is organic and natural beauty so important to you, and what are the skincare benefits (immediate or long-term)?
It’s important to me because primarily, it connects me to the earthy, raw purity of nature, which in itself is an experience of being close to it. Secondly, it’s long-lasting. Yes, it’s a gradual but consistent process as it nurtures skin from within and not just layers it up with false beauty.

Have consumers become more conscious about the ingredients in skin care products and has this led to increasing demand for organic skincare products?
In the times of the internet being so easily accessible, no one can make a fool out of a public that knows what’s good for them and what’s not. People today, especially youth wants the best of everything and yes, this really has marked a prominence for
organic products all over the world.

How difficult was it to enter a beauty segment when many other brands are standing strong?
It has never been a cakewalk honestly! The journey before Deyga was launched had doubts, queries, obstacles that not many know but we were sure of our purpose and responsibilities of restoring the ancient bliss hence it kept us motivated through and
through the journey.

What is your marketing strategy to make people aware of a new brand?
There is one strategy; keep up the good work and the rest will follow!

What are your expansion plans in or out of the country?
We do ship worldwide and will continue to depend upon the love we receive from our customers. Thank you!