Breakdown of debtors, Realkredit Danmark A/S


Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S
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21 September 2022


Company Announcement No 83/2022

Breakdown of debtors, Realkredit Danmark A/S

Pursuant to §24 of the Capital Markets Act, Realkredit Danmark A/S hereby publishes breakdown of debtors as at Friday 16 September 2022. Please discover the information within the hooked up file.

The info may also be accessible on


Yours sincerely

The Executive Board


Any further questions must be addressed to Hella Gebhardt Rønnebæk, Chief Analyst, cellphone +45 4513 2068.

  • Nr. 83_Debitormassens sammensaetning pr. 16.09.2022_uk
  • Bilag til selskabsmeddelelse nr. 83-2022

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