BJP spokesperson Anuja Kapur takes aim at AAP for failing to curb rising pollution levels.


Every winter it is the same story in Delhi where we see a major drop in air quality along with a blanket of smog. In a recent press conference, the Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal came out with a 10 point plan to control pollution this winter. Air pollution is a major country for the capital as it brings a lot of harm. 

Mrs. Anuja Kapur a BJP spokesperson from Delhi lashed out saying “Mr. Kejriwal is all talk and no show. Every year it is the same story and Mr. Kejriwal in his term has failed to curb the situation. For the last couple of years, we have experienced extremely alarming levels of pollution due to failed promises by the AAP party and these are signs of poor leadership”.Mrs. Kapur further expressed” Health of the citizens of Delhi is being compromised. Citizens who are suffering from bronchitis and asthma are seriously affected due to these major pollution spikes and many new cases are also reported of irreversible lung damage.

Air pollution problems reflect governance failure because cities’ transportation infrastructure has not kept pace with their growing populations.”

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