Mind /Body connection: emotions affect your health: ModMonk Anshul


    Article is written by ModMonk Anshul, founder SoulSchool Business Psychologist | Spiritual Coach | Mystic 
    Bhaav ( emotions ) and Manas ( mind ) are very intertwined and affect your overall physical, mental
    and emotional health. Everything that we are seeing is first born as a thought and later transforms itself into reality, then may
    it be building structure or a high-paying job–it all starts on a thought vibrational level, then our mind works on making it a reality.

    What we think, then we feel, and then our emotions show their presence slowly on our body and the overall health of the mind. In our Vedic tradition and now of course across the globe people have started to realise and understand how our anatomy responds to emotions but we also need to understand that body first gives us signals that things are wrong, for example – our lower backs hurt when we feel financially instability or sexual or emotional distress similarly you might have acidity issues if you are suffering from guilt or hidden anger.

    People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. Our thoughts and emotions affect our health in ways that we did not have possibly imagined. 

    They determine the energy and vibration we resonate within our daily life. If we have imbalanced emotions, we will resonate on a lower frequency and be victims to anger, frustration and or even physical pain. Your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act. This is one type of mind & body connection.

    During these difficult times of covid, we as a world have seen so much pain, trauma and now with the new variant in, we do not know where the world is heading and how much time we will need to heal from this. I think there has been a great effect on the minds of the young that will continue for generations to come and change the way we did, feel things in our lives until now. 

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    It is like a whole new season of a Net series with a twisted plot! As a healer and spiritual coach, I feel everyone’s mental health has been affected at some level or another depending on the spiritual development of an individual but “Teenage” young adults will show the indications in long run. 

    People are facing life challenges due to the outbreak making them feel anxious, isolated and disappointed with situations and their life in general but there have been some positive impacts too:

    Resilence: The power to rise above, get up and still keep walking no matter what has happened is being slowly inculcated in these teens unknowingly, this will help them become stronger to change and challenges they have not foreseen in their life.

    Channel Energy: Many young kids and adults have learnt new skill sets, channelled their mental energy into transforming their lives and taking it to a whole new level. Well, online education & global connect due to the internet has helped millions do so. We cannot deny that this ongoing haul of Covid has had many negative impacts too that have caused not only physical but severe mental and emotional damage to many and shall continue to do so, if not taken charge now.

    Social Awkwardness: Mentally people have distanced themselves, having not much physical contact and conversations this
    is making them less and less social animals, shutting us down in a cocoon operating remotely from a

    Drowning into fake realities: We all know what “social media” and their “filters” are doing, they are taking away what is real and portraying what is a fake socially agreeable image of your being. And in the need to fit in many are asphyxiating into this trap of fake realities and falling from the path of self-knowledge or spiritual understanding. 

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    Relationship stresses: This area of life has been majorly hit across all age groups. May it be couples, siblings, new lovers etc. What young adults are seeing in the house, if it is anything other than love and harmony will create a huge mental impact on how they see relationships and deal with them on their personal level.

    Isolation, depression and No sense of belonging: Individuals who have been outgoing and are suddenly stuck at home, or not being able to express how they feel or are alone have mentally put themselves in closed doors of depression and feeling of being isolated, depressed and feel lost in the big world where they cannot connect anymore. The sense of grounding, the purpose feels lost leaving them suppressed and emotionally exhausted.
    These are just a few areas we spoke about, but we need to understand that these strong emotions, thoughts and feeling slowly start showcasing on your physical body, mind and body are connected you see! Just to give you a few examples:

    Lack of self-esteem and anxiety can cause skin issues, stomach issues, feet and lower back pains. Strained relationships can present themselves in Asthama, Throat issues, low immune system, migraines etc
    Having said that we can take care of ourselves, now :

    Focus on positive thoughts: Try to start your day with gratitude and focus on what is working for you and how you are becoming a better individual everyday

    Anchor in Spiritual Life Support: Support yourself in spirituality and learn about how you can work with your inner being to grow as a spirit on this planet, and how everything in life is helping you become aware and more spiritually grounded.

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    Relax & Recharge: Give yourself some time, to restore your energy & self-love if you feel drained – take up meditation, or affirmations of your choice or chant “OM” for uplifting your vibration and helping you keep happy and attract the same.

    Connect with your friends and family: I said to connect, not just speak. Connect with your people on a very deep level, really trying to express how you feel and understand each other. Make an effort.

    Eat healthily and work out: We all know how this is very important! What you eat, is what you become and working out your body will help keep your happy hormones levels.

    Build a routine: A mental checklist and routine are vital to keeping you on track, it may be meditation, yoga, ditching digital media for some time, gratitude praying, community building or service, writing or any art form. 

    We cannot run away from what is happening or ignore it, but we can work towards stronger mental
    and emotional health even if it seems difficult now!