Avaya Earns Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in CPaaS Solutions


    Avaya (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced it has earned Frost & Sullivan’s Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for Avaya OneCloud CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service). With Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, users can create personalized experiences in a cloud-first world that can’t be provided by monolithic applications.

    Frost & Sullivan highlighted Avaya’s strategy effectiveness, competitive differentiation, customer impact and the strength of its brand as key factors for recognizing Avaya OneCloud CPaaS leadership. According to the report, Avaya stands out in the CPaaS marketplace in important ways, particularly when compared to transactional CPaaS providers. This includes an enterprise focus that understands the unique challenges of vertical industries and integrating with critical business applications rather than overlaying another solution or service on a customer’s existing applications.

    “Avaya has doubled down on crafting tailored solutions for what it calls the Composable Enterprise, with a strategy to create better customer and user experiences by breaking down the breadth and depth of its cloud communications portfolio, grabbing the elements relevant to the customer’s use case or business process, and delivering a rightsized solution,” said Michael Brandenburg, Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst, Connected Work.  “Avaya OneCloud CPaaS has positioned itself as the cloud core of Avaya’s vast communications product portfolio, and the innovation engine for Avaya.”

    The Avaya OneCloud experience platform includes CCaaS and UCaaS solutions built on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, creating composable building blocks enabling organizations to extend it, build on it, and customize it. Projects that previously took months or years now take only hours, days or weeks. Avaya OneCloud uniquely breaks down silos between employee and customer work streams – using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS as a force multiplier to elevate Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and CCaaS experiences.

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    “Avaya understands today’s experience economy demands that business is composed around each customer, and this composability is what will provide a sustainable competitive advantage,” said Simon Harrison, SVP and CMO, Avaya. “Avaya OneCloud CPaaS enables experiences that can be quickly delivered to address any use case, in the moment, creating more agile organizations and effortless engagement between them, their customers and the employees that serve them. We are excited about the accolades from Frost & Sullivan, and will continue to drive CPaaS innovation that enables our customers to deliver experiences that matter in an effortless and impactful way. ”

    Research indicates that organizations adopting a composable approach outperform competitors in the pace of innovation. Toolwire is a leading designer of AI-powered learning experience platforms, and uses Avaya OneCloud CPaaS both internally to enable its own collaboration capabilities, and as a key technology in the world-class, SaaS learning experience platform it delivers for its customers. “By leveraging the power of Avaya OneCloud CPaaS and its APIs, Toolwire was able to release our enhanced product, Spaces Learning, in one-fifth of the time it would take to develop the capabilities natively,” said John Valencia, President & CEO, Toolwire. “Additionally, Avaya builds some of the most secure solutions in the world, and its CPaaS platform is no exception. This enables us to be a trusted partner to our customers and have confidence in the solutions we are providing.”