AtomBeam Hits $600,000 Milestone in Ongoing StartEngine


MORAGA, Calif., Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via IBN — AtomBeam Technologies Inc., a technology company driving hyperefficient machine communication, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching the $600,000 mark in their ongoing fundraising campaign hosted on the StartEngine investment platform.

AtomBeam Technologies’ capital raising campaign has seen one of the strongest openings on StartEngine recently, rapidly gaining the attention and support of investors. AtomBeam’s innovative Compaction software redefines data management through its near real-time reduction of machine-generated files and has resonated strongly with backers who recognize the immense potential of this technology. Compaction changes how data is handled at the bit level, squeezing out repetitive, inefficient and unnecessary bits to make what is left information-rich and radically more efficient.

AtomBeam’s CEO, Charles Yeomans, expressed his gratitude for the strong support the company’s offering has received thus far: “Reaching the $600,000 milestone underscores the confidence investors have in AtomBeam’s vision and technology. We think it is great that so many investors can see what we see – this technology can change the world.”

The funds raised through this campaign will play a pivotal role in further advancing AtomBeam’s technology and drive its commercialization. Investors who wish to join this innovative journey and learn more about AtomBeam’s groundbreaking data compaction technology are encouraged to visit their StartEngine campaign page at

About AtomBeam

AtomBeam Technologies is a pioneering data compaction software company that is revolutionizing the way data is transmitted and stored. With a strong focus on IoT connectivity and data compaction, AtomBeam’s groundbreaking technology offers enhanced efficiency, security, and speed. Their successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over $3 million, highlights the industry’s recognition of their innovative solutions. AtomBeam continues to lead the charge in transforming the data landscape, with a mission to empower businesses and individuals with advanced data compaction technology.

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