Uplive Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary with Prize Pool and Challenge for Users


Asia Innovations Group (AIG) today announced the fifth anniversary of its pioneering live social video app, Uplive. Celebratory competitions in the Uplive app will commemorate the occasion, marking Uplive’s industry innovations during the pandemic, as well as its continued dedication to supporting performers and creatives.

Uplive is a leader in the live social market and has increased its registered users by 90% from 121 million at the end of 2019 to 230 million in June 2021. It also increased its number of streamers by 100% from 9.5 million at the end of 2019 to 19 million in June 2021.

During pandemic lockdowns, Uplive introduced a platform for musicians to perform via live stream, meeting a unique need in the industry. Over the past year, live streaming musical performances have become the most popular content vertical on the app. Uplive’s annual online singing contest, Singing for the World, helped over 4,000 singers worldwide compete by producing new content and growing their fanbase even when in person concerts were cancelled.  The 2020 edition of Singing for the World featured Paula Abdul as a judge and mentor.

“This past year our team met the challenges of the pandemic head-on and provided innovative new features during a time of global isolation,” said Andy Tian, CEO of AIG. “I’m particularly proud of how the Uplive community empowered and supported streamers amidst a global economic crisis. This year, we celebrate more than Uplive’s fifth anniversary and tremendous growth; we celebrate the vibrant community that Uplive has become.”

Since its launch, Uplive has also empowered users around the world to earn an income while showcasing their talents. After Uplive opened Brazil as a new market during the pandemic,  Danilo, one of Brazil’s most popular hosts, has earned more than US$15,000 a month. He says he’s overjoyed by the opportunity Uplive gives him “to show myself to the world.”

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Uplive hosted several impactful local market competitions for users this past year. Two of the most notable are Uplive Malaysia’s “Ramadan Melody Charity” competition and Uplive Vietnam’s “Uplive Cover Contest.” “Ramadan Melody Charity” was a singing competition that raised donations for UNICEF to provide clean water to impoverished communities, and “Uplive Cover Contest” allowed young talent in Vietnam to gain exposure and mentorship through Uplive’s community.

To celebrate this five-year milestone, Uplive is hosting an in-app celebration with large prize pools for users, as well as a number of social contests where users can win additional funds. On Instagram, a user can enter by commenting on an Uplive post and a total of 55 fans from different regions will be drawn at random to win in-app prizes.