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ASCI Sector Report Card: A deep dive into the Annual Complaints Report 2021-22

  • Report shares detailed insights into complaints related to key categories such
    as Education, Healthcare, Personal Care, VDA, Gaming, and F&B
    The Annual Complaints Report FY 21-’22, which the Advertising Standards Council
    of India (ASCI) published earlier this month, provided information on the
    complaints examined and advertisements handled by the self-regulatory
    organisation. The significance of the digital ecosystem was reflected in the fact
    that 48 percent of the ads that ASCI processed were published digitally, 29% of
    the complaints that were filed concerned influencers, and the top six violative
    categories showed the emergence of sectors like gaming and cryptocurrency.
    ASCI now provides a more detailed report card of the top six violative categories –
    Education, Healthcare, Personal Care, Virtual Digital Assets, Gaming, and Food &
    Beverage. The report also delves into the specifics of the advertisements
    examined, the types of complaints, the results of the ads processed, and the
    involvement of influencers and celebrities in each sector.
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