Punch Your Way Through August with The Mightiest Heroes With ‘Flix Superheroes Starting Monday Only on &Flix


Are you stuck doing the same thing all day? The growing appeal of Hollywood is endless. What kind of world would it be without a little imagination? Thanking the few people who led the superhero era, inspired us and made us feel special. Finally, it’s time to break the monotony with the latest superhero movies this month. &flix brings to you some of the biggest blockbuster superhero movies for you with Flix Superheroes this August, starting Monday 2nd August, weeknights at 9 this month of &flix.

Get ready to witness the biggest, baddest and boldest superheroes breaking through the sky on your screen in the battle of good and evil. Some creatures are not only real, but they are also amazing! If you are attracted to terrifying beasts of legends and myths, of the action blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok featuring the charming Chris Hemsworth is sure to fascinate you. &flix brings fans together with world record-breaking films like Marvel’s Avengers, followed by Avengers: Infinity War featuring an ensemble all-starrer cast with a class of Hollywood A-listers never before see together on screen. Some of the other movies that can can indulge every night include Thor and 2020s biggest superhero blockbuster of the year Black Panther starring Academy Award winner Chadwick Boseman. The excitement is endless as the show must go on with your favourite action stars only with Flix Superheroes.

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