Anahita Bajaj’s ‘Tummy Tales’ inspires millions of children in India


New Delhi, 12th May, 2022: In an inspiring move, Anahita Bajaj, a nine year old girl has written an interesting fictional story book – Tummy Tales, the Gurgaon based girl attempted to pen down her journey in her mummy’s tummy is exemplary. What began as a routine bedtime affair turned into a literary collaboration between Anahita and her parents who gave wings to her imagination and encouraged her to observe, think and write. 

Anahita’s book titled ‘Tummy Tales’ is an interesting story of her adventures during her nine-month stay in her mom’s womb. The book has recently been formally published by Embassy Books, ‘Tummy Tales’ was recently launched at the Om Book Store, Gurgaon. The book is available at Om Books and online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry & Snapdeal.  All the proceeds of the book will go in a charity.  

Besides talking about the womb story, Anahita’s book talks about how she made friends with the various body parts during her tummy-stay and has her interesting interpretation of digestive and nervous system (of what she experienced in the tummy vis-a-vis what she is learning now in her school, DPS International, Gurgaon).

Ask this little author about where she got the inspiration to write a book on such a unique concept, and she said, “My father inspired me,” adding that my father used to narrate numerous interesting stories of the times when she was in her mum’s womb. “And I built up on that,” adding further she said, “I love to read, listen and write stories, and my parents have always encouraged me to do what I love doing.”

I used to tell Anahita fictional bedtime stories, including one where I went to God and asked for her. Interestingly, one day she started sharing her experience of staying in her mummy’s tummy and how she made friends with all the body parts. Her imagination was so vivid and powerful that I asked her to write it down. This is how ‘Tummy Tales’ was born,” says Deep Bajaj, the proud father of the little author Anahita Bajaj.

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Anahita shares a special bond with her parents, Mr Deep Bajaj and Mrs Rashi Bajaj, like any other child but what makes her bond unique with them is the ‘connect’ they have made with her.   

Anahita’s parents have always encouraged her to observe and think. They give her the freedom to imagine, and allow her to grow her world of imagination. So, she wanted to give it back to them in the form of this book that talks about their journey together that began with the umbilical cord, and will last forever.

The daughter of serial entrepreneurs Deep and Rashi Bajaj, is ready to roll out her second book too, but prefers to keep the storyline a surprise for the readers. 

The 34-pager book is available at Rs 352/-

Some Excerpts from the Book:

“Papa tells me that I was an angel in God’s heaven, and then mom-dad requested God to allot me to them. Funnily enough, he agreed! So here I was, all set to enter the Earth – as my parents’ daughter, through my mom’s tummy! Having said that, my mom, like all other moms, is a sweetheart; she had everything catered for me in her tummy! Perhaps that is why they say ‘As God could not be everywhere, he made mothers!’ Here is my story, in my Mommy Tummy! Tummy Tales!”