BY – Mr. Naohiko Hosokawa, Director and Business Head – LE Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

An Air Conditioner can be a lifesaver in a country like India, especially during the summers. Whether at home, on your daily commute, or at work, an Air Conditioner performs a critical function in regulating temperature, maintaining a comfortable environment and shielding you from the discomfort produced by the sun’s blazing heat.

For many people, though, AC maintenance is more of a reactive rather than a proactive affair. Only when you notice that your Air Conditioner isn’t as efficient as it should be, that it takes longer to chill the room, that the airflow from the AC feels lessened, and that your power bills are rising, hits the mind to get your AC unit serviced.

AC maintenance is like a closed loop, one end of which you see (before the start of the season) and the other end which doesn’t feel necessary. The second part we’re talking about is AC maintenance at the end of the season. You might wonder why it’s so crucial. So, let’s get this out of the way:

The Importance of End-of-Season AC Maintenance:

It assists you in reducing repair costs

To stay working properly, every device needs some preventive maintenance. If you do not maintain your system, it will be far more prone to failure. Air Conditioners have similar possibilities. If your Air Conditioner breaks down, it will be expensive to repair, not only because of the parts that will need to be replaced, but also because of the labour charges. It’s a good idea to have your Air Conditioner(s) serviced at the end of the season. It will allow the technician to assess the status of essential AC components and perform routine maintenance before the unit is serviced again at the start of the next season. Preventive maintenance like this, reduces the probability of major repairs, thereby highlighting why routine AC service costs are, in fact, more cost-effective. If you have a ‘All season’s trustworthy AC,’ you should plan maintenance for both the end of the summer and the end of the winter to assure good performance.

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When used during the off-season, it ensures good Air Conditioning

You won’t have to worry about running an Air Conditioner during the off-season if you get end- of-season AC maintenance. For causes such as humid weather, guest visits, and social gatherings, such a necessity may develop.

Effectiveness of the System

When summers arrive, you would want to be able to turn on your Air Conditioner and trust it to function properly. It’s usually a good idea to have your AC system serviced by a professional at this time to check for healthiness, rodent issues, and weather impact while it was not being used. It’s possible that shutting down your unit without doing end-of-season AC maintenance will cause problems and it can also affect its performance.

What End-of-Season AC Maintenance Should Include

Cleaning or Replacing the Filters of ACs

The filter is one of the most crucial parts of your Air Conditioning system. The filter should be examined for clogging, dust collecting, and other issues on a regular basis, as a dirty filter degrades the AC’s performance. For optimum hygiene, it is usually recommended to clean the filter with an air blower and then water.

A close inspection of the Heat exchangers and fins are required.

Your AC Unit’s Heat exchangers may clog, or fins may break and could be wrapped over the period. Dust accumulated on Clogged heat exchanger for long time may react with copper and lead to leakages. That is why it is recommended to clean the heat exchanger by using a water jet pump and straighten the fins by using a comb at the time of preventive maintenance will help Air Conditioners work as intended.

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Unclogging the Drain is needed

The water drains away from the unit through a drain at the back of the AC. If this drain pipe gets clogged, stagnant water in drain pipe may create foul smell, clogged drain pipe will also lead to drip the water in room since no exit available. It may result in humidity level rise in the room.

When you take care of your Air Conditioner and also you are proactive about its maintenance, it will reward you with dependable, effective and efficient cooling performance for the rest of its life. Let’s make it a habit to practice this healthy habit to provide optimum cooling comfort whenever it’s needed which can only be done with proper and timely maintenance of the AC units.