Air India asks employees to vacate quarters within six months from divestment


Air India has asked its employees to vacate the quarters within six months of the disinvestment of the airline. The Ministry of Civil Aviation in a letter to Chairman of Air India said that it has been decided during a meeting earlier last month that Air India employees can continue to stay in their residential colonies post divestment for a period of six months or till the property is monetised, whichever is earlier. The period of disinvestment would mean the period beyond the closing date of the transaction.

It further added that all retired employees still residing in the colonies who have already availed the permitted period of retention might be served eviction notice to vacate. If anyone has been given permission for retention of accommodation beyond four months, the permission will be withdrawn and they will be advised to vacate immediately.

Anyone who is retiring on September 30 can keep the accommodation for four months or till six months of disinvestment or monetisation of property, whichever is earlier. Serving employees can remain till six months from disinvestment or till monetisation, whichever is earlier.

If someone is retiring towards the end of the permissible six months period, then there will be no separate notice for vacating.

The airline will take an undertaking from all residing in the colonies that they will peacefully handover the residences within a period as mentioned above. Employees must handover the undertaking within 15 days from the issuance of this letter. If an employee does not hand over the undertaking within the stated period, then they will be given an eviction notice.

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The AI Estate Officer will initiate the eviction proceedings.

If an employee is residing unauthorised then they would be made to pay rent twice the market amount, and will be liable for damage charges for Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh for Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

Air India will hold the retirement, service, and financial benefits of any retired person who refuses to vacate.

Beyond the disinvestment, employees in possession of AI residences will not be paid house rent allowance (HRA), lease rental allowance or housing allowance.