Afterbee Redefines Global Brand Marketing with Exclusive Distributor Matching


Tokyo-based Afterbee unveils platform connecting $1M+ brands to exclusive local distributors, ensuring seamless product distribution.

Our platform streamlines the journey for brands and distributors, allowing them to focus on what they do best.”

— KUNICHI KISAKI, Founder of AfterBee.

MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, September 7, 2023/ — Today marks the official launch of AfterBee, an innovative platform designed to seamlessly connect global brands with local distributors. With a focus on brands boasting over $1 million in sales, AfterBee aims to be the ultimate facilitator in brand expansion and distributorship collaborations.

CEO, KUNICHI KISAKI, shares her vision: “Brands should exclusively focus on product creation, and distributors should zero in on channels and sales. With AfterBee, we’re making this vision a reality.”

Special Campaign Offer: To celebrate its launch, AfterBee is initiating a first-of-its-kind campaign. The platform will deploy manpower to personally assist brands and distributors in finding the right matches. If, within a year, AfterBee fails to match a brand with a fitting distributor, they promise a 100% refund. This offer underlines AfterBee’s commitment to genuine value creation for its users.

AfterBee’s ethos revolves around exclusivity in local markets. The platform believes that each brand can best flourish with one dedicated distributor per locality. This distributor, termed “Bee” in AfterBee’s parlance, can then further expand by connecting with local businesses, streamlining the trading process, and optimizing for taxes and other formalities.

For interested brands and distributors, AfterBee is not merely a platform but a dedicated partner. Each client is assigned a manager, ensuring personalized service, understanding specific needs, and facilitating connections that make business sense.

“Modern problems require modern solutions. Gone are the days of brands and distributors grappling in the vast global market. AfterBee offers clarity, efficiency, and most importantly, growth opportunities for both,” added KISAKI.

Learn more about AfterBee and explore its transformative solutions at AfterBee’s official website.

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