ACC digitalizes customer engagement with ‘Construction Ka Doctor’ and ACC Dream Home App


ACC Ltd., one of the leading producers of cement and ready-mix concrete in India, consistently strives to facilitate constant and deep-rooted engagement with end-use customers. Through innovative concepts such as ‘Construction Ka Doctor’, a web sales platform, and the ACC Dream Home App, it is digitalizing customer engagement to drive commercial excellence.

Construction Ka Doctor’ is an engagement platform at dealer counters in rural areas where retail outlets function as information hubs. ACC is successfully leveraging them to build a stronger connect with customers. There are 2,000 assistance counters across India that are also functioning as knowledge-sharing platforms for consumers, masons, contractors and communities.

Further accelerating its digital agenda to enhance customer experience, is the ‘Dream Home App’. The Individual Home Builder (IHB) is the core customer segment of the trade and the app allows IHBs to have their queries answered with just a click of a button on their smartphone devices, access a database of authorized dealers, retailers, masons, engineers and architects. It also assists customers to source information on ACC’s range of products, view sample home plans, and access expert technical advice with ease.

The app has crossed the milestone of over 10,000 installations on Google Playstore.

“Anticipating customers’ needs early and being able to serve them with differentiated products and solutions is a key pillar of ACC’s commercial strategy. We are working towards reimagining the future with technology, and by digitizing our customer engagement, we aim to amplify our reach across locations and serve our customers with speed and efficiency, thereby enhancing their experience. Going forward, we will undertake more such initiatives to empower, educate and engage with our customers, to continue cementing relationships with them.” said Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited.

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Over the years, the Company has developed a deep understanding of customer preferences and requirements. Digital interventions such as Construction Ka Doctor and Dream Home app enable ACC to develop a fruitful liaison and know the customers’ side of the story and enrich the solutions they need.