A Tweet From Abhishek Bachchan Blew Up Into A Debate Involving Akshay Kumar


A response from actor Abhishek Bachchan to a tweet shared by distributor Akshaye Rathi snowballed into an argument with actor Akshay Kumar as the unwitting pivot. In his tweet, Mr Rathi commented on Akshay Kumar’s speedy delivery of films – Mr Kumar typically has multiple releases each year – and suggested the “more actors need to ‘plan’ better.” To this, Abhishek Bachchan reasonably pointed out that it was unfair to draw comparisons and that everyone has a “different pace of doing things.” This led to a debate between Mr Bachchan and Mr Rathi – see thread below – and it should have ended there.

This being Twitter, however, it didn’t with offence being taken on Akshay Kumar’s behalf. As his wont, Abhishek Bachchan responded to several salvos directed at him with customary restraint. Here’s an example.

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