A healthy lifestyle calls for mindful snacking habits


If the pandemic has taught us something, it is to take care of our body. As a result, there has been a drastic shift in lifestyle and food choices amongst the consumers. They have switched to healthier diets consisting of nutritious options to prepare their bodies to fight against the virus.

People have started taking a keen interest in ingredients used in making the product and other factors like trans-fat content, carbs, protein, oils, and salts. The changing consumer preferences owing to health concerns have made them more aware of the food item to choose to consume. Fast food consumption often leads to various health-related issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, including many others. To avoid these, people resort to healthier alternatives and options; this has given birth to the modern idea of mindful eating. The consumer tries to gain complete control over his eating habits. Mindful eating has helped people lose weight, reduce binge eating, keeping energy levels high, and overall well-being of the body.

Lately, many brands are coming up with innovative products favorable to consumer’s perceptions. Since people are spending most of the time at home, quick snacking options for random hunger pangs arising out of boredom are in demand. Healthy snacks made up of ingredients like rajma, ragi, lentils are gaining popularity as they are filling and tasty while being extremely healthy and free of fats. Consuming items made using healthy ingredients proves to be more beneficial than following fancy diets in the longer run. Quick snacking options and their health benefits:

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Rajma Chips – Loved by many as a curry in India, Rajma is a good source of dietary fiber. According to studies, food items made up of Rajma help improve skin health, memory, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and have weight-loss qualities. Many consumers find chips made up of rajma are tasty while being incredibly healthy.

Moong Dal Chips – Rich in protein and antioxidants, moong dal chips is a good option for satisfying your taste buds and improving immunity.

Gur Chana – A regular in many Indian households, jaggery-coated roasted chickpea snack is light, easy, and a powerhouse of energy. Rich in protein and carbohydrates, it also claims to help in making the recovery process fast. According to experts, both jaggery and chana are considered good sources of zinc.

While the majority of professionals are working from home, food has become a challenge for many. Sitting and working the entire day induces untimely hunger pangs. Millennials and youngsters, especially those living away from home, often look for quick but filling snack alternatives. These quick, easy healthy snacking and savory options can be consumed instantly in several ways. Available in various Indian and International seasonings, the snacks can be taken a notch higher by putting together other ingredients like making a quick sandwich with healthy chips. While being tasty, light, and time-saving, they are healthy and enjoyed by people of all age groups and health problems.